Best Wireless iPad Keyboard

Choosing the best wireless iPad keyboard is easier said than done. Just try a quick Amazon search and you will be bombarded by hundreds of different options, all claiming different things with different features, but which of these features can actually benefit you? After pondering over this same question for hours and hours myself, I decided that the only way to find out was to try a few of these keyboards out myself. In doing so, I was able to separate the best from the down right bad. So, here is my impression of what makes the perfect bluetooth iPad keyboard.

Firstly, the main reason that any user would decide to toss their touchscreen keyboard in favor of a proper keyboard is to do with how much typing you actually do. There are some tablet users that will only make use of their device to browse the web in bed, do a little internet shopping and play a few games. However, for those of us that bought the iPad in the hopes of using it to carry out some extensive typing tasks for work, university or school, then the touchscreen poses a bit of a problem.

The big issue is that you are much more prone to making spelling errors when you are trying to type quickly. This is not because you are a poor typer, but because your fingers do not have that same physical contact with the keys that you can only get with a physical set of button-like keys. In this way, you can easily skip over a few keys by accident, press the complete wrong key or accidently flick on the caps lock switch without even realizing. This becomes much more of a problem when you are trying to do some fast paced typing and you do not have the time to keep looking down at your screen. After writing a good few pages, you can look back on your text to see hundreds of little errors that need correcting before the document can be delivered or saved. Naturally, this is beyond annoying.

This is why you need the best bluetooth iPad keyboard to accommodate your typing fluency. Having the keys in front of you will enable you to be much more assured in your typing since you can easily transfer the typing skills you already have directly into them.

So which product did I go for?

Well, the clear winner for me was the Blurex D-Lux leather iPad case with bluetooth iPad keyboard. The first huge pull factor of this product was its full set of hard material keys. This is such a big deal because the majority of similar wireless iPad keyboards actually tote keys made of a soft, silicone material. Having tried a few of them out, it was pretty clear that this setup was not for me. The D-Lux keys on the other hand felt familiar and responsive, making them absolutely perfect for typing up my reams and reams of lecture notes without ever needing to look at the text I had written to ensure it was correct.

The bluetooth iPad keyboard also features a number of excellent shortcut keys which were ideal for editing documents without needing to actually touch the screen to copy, paste and cut. In this way, I could keep the screen clean and finger print free.

The leather iPad case itself is a fantastic little accessory that provides all the protection you could possibly need in order to keep your investment safe and protected from those all too familiar scratches and scrapes from everyday use. It also cleverly folds the keyboard and iPad together into a neat, portable package that you can then take with you anywhere. In addition, if you are sick of always having to lean over your iPad's screen in order to actually see the touchscreen keyboard, then the leather iPad case provides you with the ideal solution by tilting the screen at an angle that is perfectly suited for a comfortable typing experience.

So without a doubt, if you are looking for the best wireless iPad keyboard to rejuvenate your tablet experience, you can not do better than the Blurex D-Lux.