Best Wood Burning Stove

You have decided you want a wood burning stove, you know what your budget is but what is the best type to suit your environment and what brand name do you go for?

There are so many different brands of stoves on the UK market today with the likes of Bosca, Dovre, Hamlet, Harmony, Huntingdon, Morso, Nestor Martin, Riva, Stockton, Termatech and Yeoman to name but a few. These are some of the best names in the UK stove market and very often have a history which goes back decades and experience in the market which has suddenly exploded in the UK.

The amount of technical information available today is greater than ever before and any retail outlet worth its salt will be fully aware of the questions to ask you, the answers required and ultimately they should be able to give you the best stove to fit your budget and your environment. When you also take into account that many of the wood-burning stoves of today have efficiency ratings in excess of 80% and minimal or zero carbon emissions there are very few people who would argue against installing a stove in their home.

Each year sees a new array of wood burning stoves coming to the market to cover every budget, every style, every environment and every capacity. Whether you are looking for a top of the range Morso stove, a Hamlet stove or maybe you are looking to go towards the luxury end of the market with a Nestor Martin stoves, there will be something for you. These names may mean nothing to you at the moment but a little research in the wood-burning stove market will show these are some of the best names in the industry. These companies which have backup facilities that are second to none, have stoves which can sometimes come with 10 year guarantees and technology which is the latest in the stove industry.

Get yourself out there and see exactly what is on offer!