Better Pectoral Definition Through Plastic Surgery

Contouring of the chest region by pectoral etching (liposuction) and pectoral implants can help provide better definition of the pectoral muscles and the shape of the chest wall. Borrowing the concept from general liposuction techniques and breast augmentation in women, ithese two plastic surgery treartment options can help enhance and better define muscular edges and contours of the male chest.

By selective removal of fat (liposculpture) from the side and lower borders of the pectoralis major muscle, the muscular appearance of the chest wall can be improved. This virilizes the chest contour while creating few visible scars. By sculpting the borders, and leaving fat over the main body of the muscle, the pectoral muscle bulk appears greater. This pectoral liposuction etching technique provides better shaping than simple gross fat removal in an even unsculpted manner across the chest wall.

Pectoral etching adds visible and palpable pectoral inscriptions to the chest wall. In a recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in December 2007, Dr. Ruiz-Razura and colleagues report treating over 200 patients over the past three years.with only a few minor complications. (small hematoma, irregular contour, too conservative result) Their experience has been that the results have been maintained, even in the face of weight gain and skin loosening with age. When pectoral etching is combined with abdominal etching, a more muscular-appearing torso is achieved. The procedure is becoming very popular in non-athletic males whose physique may not get sculpted even with regular strength training.

Pectoral implants, although less commonly used than pectoral etching, can dramatically enhance the volume and shape of the male chest. Unlike breast implants for women, pectoral implants are made of very soft flexible rubber which is placed through a small incision in the armpit. That come in different sizes and shapes, dependent upon the patient’s aestheic goals. Like breast augmentation, the recovery from pectoral implants is quite rapid and one only has to refrain from chest muscle exercises for three weeks after surgery.