Beyblade Toys – Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set

The Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set is for intense battles. For sure every fan will love this as they can find out who among their friends can win it out and emerge the champion in the competition. The battle set was designed for intense battle and only the strongest will survive.

This was originally a Japanese manga that was produced by Takafumi Adachi. It has now become more popular as it had produced an anime show that the manga fans loved.

Beyblade Metal Fusion has hit the airwaves just recently. Though it has started to air in Japan last year, it was just recently that fans outside of Japan were able to see it for themselves on their TV screens. It was just this August that it had started airing in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. But even if not shown locally in other countries, other fans from around the globe are still great supporters of the show. And they can very much join in on the hype with their Beyblade Toys.

With this great battle set the fans can engage in battles with their friends. Aside from this the toy offers a lot of features so this will be surely enjoyed and will be greatly appreciated by any fan. This will be a big hit may it be for the fan of the Beyblade Metal Fusion manga series or the Beyblade Metal Fusion anime show.

With multiple features and numerous accessories the battle set has all that you need for a spinning battle with your friends. Everything is included in the package and you wouldn’t need to buy additional accessories for you to be able to carry out a game. In just this one set, you can immediately have friends over for an intense battle of skills.

The Battle Set has a Super Vortex Beystadium arena where the battle will take place. It has two Beyblade Metal Fusion tops that you can get exclusively from this set. The two tops are the Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago. With these two tops, two corresponding ripcord launchers are also included. Aside from all these the battle set also includes 24 tournament grids and an extra accessory that will be a treat for fans, 2 collector cards.

Special tops for the battle arena

The two tops included in the set, the Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago, are equipped with cool features that will make the battle more exciting for you. These are no ordinary tops. The Storm Pegasus has an RF tip which makes for easy and quick maneuvering. This feature makes the Storm Pegasus top a great mover and shaker. The Lightning L-Drago should also not be underestimated. It can effectively compete with the Storm Pegasus as it exhibits a distinctive left-spin that will maximize the top’s attack potential. With all these features included in the two tops, the competition will be fierce and it will depend on the one maneuvering to win it out.

Fans love the intense battles that they read about in the manga or watch on the episodes of the show. Now, with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set fans can hold battles in real life. They can experience for themselves how to be in command of the tops and maximize the tops’ features to defeat their opponent. With this toy, intense battles are enjoyed in real life and not just observed on screen.