Bianna Golodryga Goes Inside the Container Store

As one of the nation’s most visible and highly-respected financial reporters, Bianna Golodryga has done more than a little reporting on the ups and downs of Wall Street-in fact, she even covered the World Economic Forum when it was held in Switzerland. But she’s no stranger to more street-level financial reporting; in fact, for an ABC News series called “Secrets of America’s Favorite Stores,” Bianna Golodryga went behind-the-scenes of some of the most popular retail stores in the country, including The Container Store.

What may seem like a niche business is in fact thriving, reported Bianna Golodryga; the chain is especially successful in selling organizational tools for closets, something that has become something of a trademark for The Container Store. Bianna Golodryga spoke with some of the chain’s leading executives and uncovered some of the secrets of what makes them so prosperous.

One of the most major components, she found, is in the scripted dialogue that store associates use to engage customers. Bianna Golodryga reported that Container Store employees are discouraged from using more traditional lines like “May I help you?”-instead, they try to engage the customer on a deeper level, something that The Container Store executives believe strengthens their sales.

Indeed, Bianna Golodryga discovered that a big part of what sets the company apart is the emphasis they place on employee training. Associates at The Container Store are trained for some 240 hours, compared to the typical 12 of other retail stores.

Bianna Golodryga has filed similar reports retail chains including Costco and The Gap, just one example of what makes her an invaluable and integral member of the ABC News team. After studying theater arts and acting at Houston’s prestigious High School for Performing and Visual Arts-the same school attended by Beyonce– Bianna Golodryga moved into finance when she was in college, and enjoyed a brief career in that field before ultimately moving into television. She began her career in journalism as a producer for the CNBC network, having been inspired by the financial reporting style of Maria Bartiromo.

Her work with that network quickly drew praise from across the industry, and got the attention of ABC News. She was recruited by that network and immediately became a favorite on-air journalist, covering economic and business affairs for a variety of ABC’s news programs. She has co-anchored the weekend edition of Good Morning America ever since Kate Snow left the program in May 2010.