Bidets and Sitz Bath Treatments for Hemorrhoid Patients

Hemorrhoid infection is a serious health concern that can help be prevented with bidets and sitz bath treatments. When a person has hemorrhoids or is recovering from hemorrhoid removal it is extra important to keep the rectum and anal opening extremely clean. Harmful bacteria can fester in delicate tissue in and around the anus.

Bacteria can lead to hemorrhoid infection and future medical problems.

Limited mobility, tenderness and discomfort can make it very difficult for a hemorrhoid sufferer to keep that area of the body clean. It is hard to reach the areas that need to be cleaned through the day. After passing bowel movements is when there is the greatest chance for infection to happen.

Passing bowel movements is a normal bodily function we all do, but for hemorrhoid patients it can be painful and opens the door for infection if extra care is not taken. Hemorrhoid medicated wipes are excellent when it comes to cleaning one’s self, but wipes can only sanitize the areas you can reach. Many hemorrhoid doctors recommend patients use bidets and sitz bath treatments to help prevent hemorrhoid infection.

There are different models of bidets available online that can be attached easily to your toilet, used in the shower and ones designed to be portable. They use a controlled stream of water to powerfully yet gently fully clean the lower part of the body that needs extra attention. Using a bidet is not only cleans efficiently, but it solves any limited mobility problems reaching tissue damaged by hemorrhoids. This leaves the area clean and sanitized helping prevent dangerous hemorrhoid infection.

My grandfather has mobility issues due to a past hip surgery and an external hemorrhoid that was removed this month. He is still strong as an ox, but right now he is an ox that cannot move to good. His doctor told him he should install a bidet to his toilet and use one in the shower. He already has railings on his toilet and uses a shower chair. He is very comfortable with helpful devices being attached to his existing bathroom area. My grandfather puts function first and style second.

My grandfather asked me if I could install them for him. The shower bidet was easy as pie, but I was not sure about a bidet for the toilet. I did what most people do and went online to get information on these products. I quickly learned that they are easy to install with an existing toilet. I am okay with tools and being handy around my own house. I was up to adding one of these devices to see how they worked.

My grandfather and I decided on a non-electric mechanical bidet toilet seat attachment. Self-installation was easy. It took me about 20 minutes to install the unit in his home. All accessories came included with this bidet package. It is simple for my grandfather to use. It has kept the most sensitive areas clean and sanitary helping to prevent hemorrhoid infection. It is designed to fit between the toilet seat and rim, transforming any standard household toilet into a bidet.

Enjoying sitz bath treatments is another effective body cleaning option that can safely be done at home to clean and heal hemorrhoid damaged tissue. It is a fantastic healing remedy and pain reliever that is suitable for any type of hemorrhoid stage. Sitz bath treatments allow the whole rectal area to be gently immersed in soothing warm water packed with organic healing ingredients. The stimulation the body gets greatly improves the time it takes for the body to heal. You also cannot beat the clean you get from a sitz bath followed by a stream of water to clean totally off.

Healthcare professionals do not suggest taking a sitz bath in the household bathtub, but instead to use an inexpensive sitz tub. These items are designed with personal health hygiene as their main goal. My grandfather like other hemorrhoid sufferers has to be very careful when it comes to personal hygiene to prevent hemorrhoid infection.

People that have hemorrhoids or are recovering from hemorrhoid treatment need to take extra steps to make sure they are keeping the area clean. Bidets and sitz bath treatments help remove bacteria, dead skin tissue and promote excellent personal hygiene. Both of these body cleaning choices have super benefits for people.