Bike Touring – How to Plan a Route

Determining where to travel on your amazing bicycle touring adventure and planning the journey is an enjoyable piece of the experience. Maybe there's a part of the country or world that you've always been to explore, and completing it on a bike might just be a unique pleasure.

But … how do you appreciate the roads are like? … Is the region safe? … What about auto traffic? …

There are a couple reputable starting points for route planning.

The adventure Cycling Association puts out terrific maps citing approximately 41,000 miles of cycling routes which have been tested and refined during the past four decades. All contain outlining concern what things to be aware of and ways to plan. Additionally promoted tours, a Cyclist's Yellow pages, and a print magazine that invariably seems to have terrific valuable articles.

Google Maps can be one additional fine reference. Simply mouse click on any area around the world and you can now check out the topography, together with elevations included, and even a satellite view, or the straight up map view. This amazing tool even makes it possible for a person to take a look at an image from virtually any spot along the length of many roads, by merely dragging an icon, locating it along the highlighted road and dropping it. Very, very cool. In Google Earth you can "fly" over the route.

The next tip is to try using routes outlined by organizations which are experts in leading supported trips. These kinds of routes are normally researched intensively and an individual might discover more details on camping or alternative routes to lodge, the best places to dine, topography, vehicle traffic, and so forth. can be another great source of information. This is a free, independent website for hosting bike traveling journals, discussion boards and information. This content is contributed by regular people from throughout the world. You will find previously (the year 2010) close to 5000 online journals and more than m million photographs contributed by individuals engaging in their personal cycling trips. A number of these are kept up to date on a daily basis by people during the tour, which means you can follow them on a daily basis!

As you're designing the route, factor in how much time you have, your own level of fitness, the level of fitness of your touring companion (s) if any, and probable factors for instance, local weather and elevation changes. Take into account where you hope to be able to finish up each day. With these things in mind block out your daily distance, keeping in mind that, if you are self supported, you will be carrying additional weight. So, even if you are in great shape and regularly do 80 to 90 or more mile training rides, those are not realistic numbers for touring. Some days 40 miles might feel like an epic ride. Other days 100 miles will be doable. Allow plenty of time to complete your route … more than you think you need … will give you time to stop at points of interest, or even just (gasp) relax! Remember, this is supposed to be fun.