Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture has created a gel that is applied in the same manner as nail polish but lasts for weeks without fading or chipping. By applying Bio Sculpture Varnish you can also easily change the colour of your nails. When the varnish is later removed with a specially formulated non acetone solution, the permanent nail colour is restored to its previous state. The permanent colour is not effected by the non acetone cleanser in the same way as the varnish layer.

Bio Sculpture practitioners have all passed a strict examination, to ensure that you achieve a first class finish. Your local practitioner will help you discover the Bio Sculpture difference of a healthy nail treatment that is a true pleasure to use. Bio Sculpture Gel is a superior product that makes nails beautiful, strong and flexible that will not damage the natural nail.

Here are some key features of Bio-Sculpture Gel for nails.

Huge range of over 90 fashionable colours, clear and french, matching varnish is also available for easy home care. There are also a number of gels with different finishes such as glitter.

Promotes strong, flexible and natural looking nails.

Difficult to chip or smudge.

Can be applied to toenails as well.

You can add length to your nails naturally with Gel Extensions.

Removal of the product is quick and easy and causes no damage to the nail.

Bio-Sculpture Gel is a one component treatment that promotes and strengthens the natural growth of nails. Leaving the nail flexible and strong our product is cured under a UVA light.