BioMat Reviews

There are many articles that explain how the BioMat works-describing how Far Infrared Light can penetrate past your skin and into your muscles and blood vessels, or how negative ions can improve your mood by promoting the flow of energy in your body-but none of that matters unless there are actual people out there who have used it and can back these claims up. That’s why reviews and testimonials are one of the greatest ways to do research on a product.

There are thousands of people who use BioMat and swear by it. From those who are recovering from an illness, to others who just feel sluggish or have trouble sleeping. One such person is Gail Soucy, from Gainesville, FL. She went through a series of major abdominal operations, which left her feeling horrible. Any time you go through surgery, your body must have ample time to recuperate. Often times, the body is simply never the same. Gail claims that the BioMat helped her and then some. Her “immune system has strengthened exponentially,” and her “arthritic aches from three knee operations in 1977 improved 95%.”

BioMat users often say that BioMat removes all of their illnesses. Mila J. complained of “insomnia, sinus [problems], tonsillitis, leg cramps, arthritis… and hair thinning.” Once she laid down on a BioMat, she said that all of her symptoms completely disappeared. Anna James’s mother was diagnosed with bone cancer. She opted out of treatment, and instead used the BioMat and drank Alkaline water every day. Ever since, her “myeloma cells have continued to lower.” The science of the BioMat aside, real people genuinely feel better, more energized, less stressed, and happier when they use the BioMat.

BioMat not only uses FIR and negative ions, but amethyst crystals as well. For years, the ancient Greeks and Europeans used amethyst to calm themselves before battle, or to sober themselves after a night of drinking. Back in those days, the word of a friend meant everything, and it was word of mouth that spread the belief and use of these crystals. Today, not much has changed. Modern medicine and science may try to understand why something works, and they may explain how it works with absolute certainty. Then, the following year, they’ve changed their story.

It’s no wonder that there are so many skeptics in the world today with so many arguing voices. Word of mouth is still one of the most trusted sources to follow in what we do, what doctors we see, where we eat and shop, what websites we go to, and who we trust. Ratings, reviews, user feedback, and testimonials are one of the best ways to find out the truth about whether or not something is worth your time. Gail, Mila, and Anna’s mother are just a few BioMat testimonials out there. If you’re interested in the BioMat, keep your eye out for more, and you may just find from their inspiring words that the BioMat is not only worth your time, but impossible to live without.