Birth Number Seven (For Those Born on the 7th, 16th, 25th of Any Month) A Past Life Experience

Birth Number Seven [for those born on the 7th, 16th, 25th of any month] the day you ‘died’ in your last life is the date you ‘returned’ in this life!

In this life (the one you’re living now) you’ll display certain personality traits, some of which are: Intellectuality, skepticism, detachment, aloofness, and an emotional, sensitive, spiritual nature. Best Day: Use Monday as the day when you are more likely to be in touch with your inner reality. Lucky Colours: Pastels, whites, aqua colours, sky blue.

You have an affinity with people born in the astrological sign of Pisces, no matter what their year of birth and whenever you meet people born in this sign you must consider the possibility of having met them before, somehow, somewhere, in some other time. In this life you are sympathetic to the rights and needs of others but if you are not careful there is a tendency for you to become too involved in their lives and instead of helping them, you find yourself in the same boat!

Matters of spirit will dominate your thinking every so often – asking questions about the meaning of life will occupy many of your days and nights and being a sensitive (maybe even hiding your sensitivity under a mask of stoicism) sort of person you’ll experience many extremes of temperament. At times you will be cheerful and optimistic and when you express this side of your nature, together with a degree of empathy and understanding for others who are in trouble or in difficulty, you will create considerable popularity for yourself and make much progress.

On the other hand, you can give way to extreme sensitiveness and allow yourself to feel hurt at the careless speech or thoughtless actions of others, with you hiding behind an air of apparent indifference. You can be refined, gentle, vague and imaginative, a dreamer of dreams that often become a reality.

Many people ‘grapple’ with the concept of having lived before (usually the life they lived was some wonderful existence with some kind of horrific death – there are so many who think they were murdered or struck down by the hand of an enemy) – very few consider dying naturally in bed as being their last life experience! In keeping things simple and using the analogy of dinner party conversations let’s assume you are a female born on the 16th of September and you’re introduced to a male born on the 5th March. To me, you’ve met before – you’ve lived together and enjoyed some kind of physical existence. It becomes fascinating when you talk about sex for in your last life (in this example you are the 16th of Sept) you were female and have returned as a female. The guy you’ve been introduced to (5th March) was a female in his last life and has returned to this life as a male! Therefore, the life you lived together was female to female (mother/daughter perhaps or sisters?) Have I got your attention or what?

We have free will and free to choose yet, we are fated in one way or another. Let me explain – when the incoming soul child chooses its parents it does so for a reason and the parents you chose for this life might or might not have been related in your previous life! Not all soul children choose parents out of love – some even choose out of revenge! Okay, that’s got your attention for the parents you have are the parents YOU chose, no cop outs, no blame, no excuses so why?

Let’s look at the word FATE (often referred to as destiny, outcome, chance or providence) we are all fated in one way or another yet, at the same time have free will! So, how come some have a better fortune than others? Is it because we chose better parents or circumstance? I don’t think so for when we ‘die’ we don’t necessarily become smart or all knowing! If you struggled with poverty in a previous life and never overcame it – you’d have no way of coming into this life as a millionaire! The only thing we take with us when we ‘die’ is knowledge – nothing else.

Life and its meaning are not just for Birth Number Seven to explore (although you will ponder over it more than most) life is for living and in the process acquiring knowledge…

Until next time, enjoy your dinner party conversations.