Black Choker Necklaces – Sexy, Discreet and Sub-lime

Black choker necklaces have created an allure for decades. They are worn tightly around the neck and are one type of many styles that can be found in the choker field. They are a perfect accent for clothes and are an ideal way to frame a woman’s face — an excellent fashion accessory that is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many in the field predict that black chokers, especially those made of ribbon or cloth, will be riding a wave of new popularity in the fashion world and that more and more celebrities will be wearing them to both social and formal events.

Part of the appeal of black chokers is their simplicity. They are both elegant and comfortable and can be used for almost any occasion. Moreover, they are considered an erotic and exotic symbol — an element of mystery — surrounding the wearer. One photographer recently commented, “If a woman wants to exude her sexuality — if she wants to be noticed — there is nothing that will mark her as an object of desire more than a black choker.”

Choices abound in the marketplace, but consumers should be aware of several factors:

1) Quality of materials. The materials used for a black ribbon choker should be of high quality or they will indeed look cheap. Using fine lace, leather, velvet or satin can produce a beautiful choker that can be worn with formal attire as well as casual.

2) Comfort. A ribbon choker should ride high on a woman’s neck, but should not feel constricting. Adjustable chokers can accommodate all sizes of necks. Some materials are soft and others are a little scratchy, so choosing the right comfort level for you is very important.

3) Proper fit. Ribbon chokers should not choke the woman wearing them. They should fit near the middle of her neck and be adjustable in case she’d like to wear it slightly lower or higher. Thinner ribbons will need to be shorter than wider ones in order to move with the woman as she bends her neck.

4) Color. The only limit to color is what the woman chooses to wear. Black is very popular but ribbon chokers come in all colors, some printed or embroidered with patterns or plain and simple. Sometimes, just the ribbon used can create a different color effect based on its shimmer or light reflection.

5) Style. The basic style of ribbon chokers is quite simple: a length of ribbon across a woman’s neck. Clips, brooches, charms and other adornments can also be added, but a basic, simple choker is the most dramatic. It can add a little color or a whole lot of fun to any outfit.

6) Pricing. Ribbon chokers range widely in price. Some are quite elaborate with very fancy details. The simple ones tend to be more economical especially depending on the ribbons used. Leather, lace, or beaded chokers tend to be mid-to-high in price range.

7) Type of materials used. Satin and velvet are some of the most common as well as leather and lace. Certain trims and fringe can also make stunning chokers. Different finishes and embroidery can also add intrigue to the choker, but the real magic is in the woman wearing it.

In certain sub-cultures, the idea of wearing a choker or collar can bring a closeness or a sense of belonging to the wearer. This engenders a heightened sense of security and is part of the attraction and subliminal appeal that attracts so many wearers. It is one of the main reasons why so many women have extensive collections of chokers. While there are many types, such as black leather chokers as one example, the ribbon, or cloth chokers are the lightest in weight, the least expensive, and take up the least amount of room allowing for convenient storage.

If you are intent on adding a discreet accessory to your fashion collection that will add elements of sexuality, intrigue, mystery and attraction, then you’ll want to start acquiring a variety of black choker necklaces for your private selection — choosing the right one for the right time, with the right person. Don’t be surprised if he makes a specific request for you to wear a certain one to highlight a special occasion.