Black Forest Wood – A Major Type of Wood Used For Cuckoo Clocks

For centuries wood that is taken from the Black Forest in southwestern Germany has been used in the construction of cuckoo clocks. Black Forest wood is one of the most important cuckoo clock materials that are used in the construction of these clocks. Various different types of trees are used from this part of the world to build many of these cuckoo clocks.

The Black Forest is a part of southwestern Germany. It is particularly in the Baden-Wüerttemberg state of Germany. This is a wooded area that is along the Rhine valley on the southern part of the area. Its various different trees are commonly used for cuckoo clocks.

The reason as to why wood that is from the Black Forest is used is because many of the world’s main manufacturers of cuckoo clocks are based in the Black Forest. Although it is uncertain as to whether or not the cuckoo clock was first invented in the Black Forest this type of clock has been built by various groups in the area for centuries.

Pine tree wood is commonly used as a part of Black Forest wood that can be used for a cuckoo clock. This type of wood is noted for being durable in that it does not suffer from substantial decay levels after logging when it is kept indoors. The pine cones that can come from one of these trees have been used as an inspiration for the shapes of the weights that can be found at the bottom of one of these clocks.

The Linden tree, which is also known as the limetree, is another of the commonly used trees here. This tree, which can be found in the Black Forest, features wood that is popular in the build of various different types of cuckoo clocks in that this material does not have as much grain as other types of cuckoo clock materials. As a result it can be carved in all sorts of highly detailed designs. It is also a strong type of wood that is still light in weight.

The fir tree is used as one of the main sources of cuckoo clock materials in some cases too. However, this wood is not as durable as the Linden tree’s wood and it can decay quickly when it is left outdoors or exposed to outdoor conditions.