Black Screen or No Picture on Your Wii

Learn how YOU can fix your Wii.

To fix a Nintendo Wii can be very easy

You don’t need a Degree in electronics or microchips to be able to repair you Wii problems any more because there is a way you can learn how to do this on the cheap and without taking it to a supplier to do it for you.

Black Screen/No Picture

This can be very frustrating to trouble-shoot so follow the steps below in order:

1) Eject disc and SD card.

2) Unplug power lead from back of Wii console and then from wall socket. (In this order)

3) Wait for at least 1 hour or overnight if possible.

4) Clear any dust from console by blowing into vents and then get vacuum cleaner and suck up any excess dust via the CD slot.

5) After waiting plug power lead into wall socket then into the back of the console(in this order).

6) Turn on using the remote.

7) Press and HOLD reset for at least 10 seconds if no results.

8) Hold the power button to shut off.

9) Turn on again.

If this does not work then here are another few suggestions:

Verify light are on the Wii when black screen is displayed.

Check that your TV is set to correct channel which allows you to view the game.

Try another TV.

If an error code is being displayed with the black screen then check them against the Wii Fix Guide.

No power coming into the console

This can happen if the power supply to the Wii console is faulty or is a non genuine AC adapter. But there are occasions where the console itself is at fault.

Try these recommendations but please fear the worst.

1) Inspect the power cables, they may not be plugged in correctly. Ensure all cables are inserted fully.

2) Check the wall socket by using another appliance E.G. a lamp or fan. Most sockets have a switch please check this as well.

3) Check that the console is free of dust around the vents as they can overheat and look like no power is coming into it. Ensure the vents are in fresh air and nothing is obstructing them,

4) Mack sure the power supply is genuine. The words Nintendo or Wii will be on them. Non genuine products can be incompatible with the console.

5) Check all cables for frayed or broken wires (ensure that it is disconnected from the mains first),short circuits can cause the console to shutdown

6) After these checks try plugging the console back in

If these don’t work:

Remove all accessories from the console E.G.discs, SD cards, controllers, cables etc.

Let the console stand for 15 mins to an hour before plugging back in

Once the power indicator is on try plugging the accessories in one at a time starting with the sensor bar.

Turn the system on and continue to plug the accessories in.

If the system fails when you attach an accessory then that accessory could be defective.