Black Tiles

Black tiles are quite popular in both traditional and modern interiors, mainly in the bathroom, kitchen and sitting area. There are two main types of such tiles -natural stones, and ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Black tiles are often used in combination with some other color, most notable white. As an example, white and black chequer tile patterns have been popular for centuries. My favorite tile patterns include a combination of Nero Marquino and Bianco Carrara tiles; basalt or basalterra and Bianco Carrara; and basalt and Thassos.

However, black tiles can glamor up interiors on their own, especially when used for flooring. My favorite choice would be polished baslaterra.

Black granite – Absolute Black or other alternatives – are quite popular options for tiles, as well as kitchen worktops. Some people like to combine black kitchen tiles with a black worktop, although in many cases a better option would be to use different colors.

Black marble – Nero Marquino – and other type of natural stones such as basalt or basalterra are less known but gaining in popularity. In particular, polished basalterra and black basalt are becoming quite popular in high end interiors as a luxurious and cost-effective option. Basalterra has better technical characteristics than most types of basalt and has there before a more versatile range of applications.

Black ceramic tiles are typically used in budget interiors and are easy to clean and maintain. However, they come mostly in small sizes and lack the wow factor of natural stones. They look better when combined with other colors, mainly white.

Like with any material, the choice of tiles depends primarily on the aesthetics, application and budget.