Blank Sheet Music

It is not possible to play or sing through memory for musicians who love to play an instrument or love to sing. Sheet music contains musical notes that are written for musicians to interpret. Musicians can write their scores and play them in an orchestra or band.

A blank music sheet has two formats, on which music can be written. Such music sheets are commonly used for piano and organ music. Two basic formats are treble staff for the right hand side and base staff for the left hand side. Treble staff is for higher notes, and base staff is for lower notes on the keyboard. Treble staff has music according to five lines present and is the base staff. However, both offer different key positions for a player. Notes in between the lines are represented as FACE on the treble staff. Notes on the five lines are named Every Good Boy Deserves Favor. Notes on the bass staff lines are called ACEG or All Cows Eat Grass, and on the five lines they are represented as Good Boy Deserves Favor Always.

A blank sheet score may also have all kinds of notes, and tones that include sharps, flats and naturals. Flats range from one to seven, and sharps also range from one to seven. Naturals are used to disqualify the music if it has sharp or flat notes and makes it the natural form of music called C Major Scale. Music sheets also have variations that include Major and Minor depending upon the scale of music.

Most musicians use blank music sheets to compose music. Beethoven's music sheet was recently auctioned for almost $ 300,000. The most amazing part of music played and revived over and over again is blank sheet of music.