Bleeding After Being Spayed

If you dog has started bleeding after being spayed there may be cause for concern.

The spaying of a young dog is a routine operation. It does, however, as with all operations, carry various risks. There is the risk involved with the anesthetic as well as the risk of bleeding after being spayed. This could be due to stitches being pulled out, infection or an internal hemorrhage. A small amount of fresh blood loss is going to be natural after an operation and spaying is a major procedure which will involve making a cut into the abdominal cavity.

If your dog does start to bleed you must make sure that you keep a careful eye on her for the next hour or two. If it is superficial bleeding from the wound, it should stop shortly. Your dog will be keen to lick the wound to keep it clean and to some extent she should be allowed to continue. Do not, however, let her lick it too much as this will aggravate the wound and disturb the stitches. If you think that there is excessive bleeding after being spayed you should return to the surgery to make sure that all is in order.

If bleeding after being spayed is due to the dislodging of her stitches it may be that the veterinarian surgeon will have to re-stitch the wound. This could involve another anaesthetic and if the surgery feels that this has been caused by a lack of supervision by yourself, you may find that you will be paying another vets bill. It is wise to take great care of your dog whilst she has her stitches as she could suffer greatly if they are not allowed to do their job and heal the wound successfully. If they become loose and need re-stitching, your dog will have to go through additional trauma and discomfort. Any bleeding from the dislodged or pulled stitches will be fresh red blood. You must seek help to reduce the chances of infection and to ensure the wound heals neatly.

Your dog should be kept calm and quiet when she returns from her operation. She will be feeling very groggy to start with and is unlikely to be very lively, but, over the next few days it is important to keep her fairly still. If she becomes too active she will be at risk of hemorrhaging from internal blood vessels that have been disrupted. This can be a serious cause of bleeding after being spayed and she should be taken to the surgery for further advice.

Whatever the reason for bleeding after being spayed, if it is a significant amount or for any length of time, it is accompanied by swelling or any other ill effects, take your dog straight back to the veterinary clinic and seek further assistance. They know the patient and the procedure and are easily able to help you and your pet.