Blending Hair Lines For Male Waxing Clients

When waxing male clients we are often left with clear hairlines between waxed and unwaxed areas of the body. A classic example of this is during a back and shoulder wax, most men will have the shoulders waxed to follow the deltoid muscle. This has the advantage of keeping the hairline above the t-shirt sleeve, but for a particularly hairy client this may still be a problem.

There are several methods you can use to help blend in this hair line, usually a combination of them yield the best and most natural look.

Before you start waxing ensure you consult with the client about how far they want the waxing to go. Be conscious of where clothes are worn, for example the hairline for the shoulders would normally be above the t-shirt. On the abdomen and back check where the client usually where their trousers – if they are quite low cut you may need to go a little further down than normal.

When looking at the client’s body before beginning the treatment, look for areas where the hair changes direction. These often give an excellent working line that you can wax to.

Sometimes when you want to leave a particularly straight line you can apply strip wax across the hair growth and then remove in the usual direction against. This is done after you have completed the body of the waxing, wax to the edge you wish to leave and then go along with a thin line – only a cm or two wide over the hairline to straighten it out.

This is a technique I often use along the side of the body. The hair generally grows in towards the spine, you can run a line of wax down the side of the body to give a straight edge and then remove with strips as usual.

Once you have a hair line you are happy with you can now blend it in. To start with use your clippers, trim the hair down slightly just at the edge of the line, this will take out some of the weight which will look better. If the client is particularly hairy you may wish to suggest that they have some of their hair trimmed. For example if they have just had a back and shoulder wax, up sell a chest trim to tidy it up and give a more natural look.

The second technique is again using strip wax, this time apply the wax directly onto the strip – not the clients body. Fold the strip in half in on itself and very gently press the two wax sides together. This reduces a lot of the stickiness of the wax, so now you can wax directly over the hairline but you won’t remove all of the hairs only some of them which then thins it out.