Blogging Tools – What to Use?

I already discussed discussed my previous articles on how to blog and how to boost traffic. Now, I will discuss the different tools that most bloggers used.

Most of the blogger used some blogging tools to help bloggers improve their blog. There are blogging tools that are used to track visitors, some are for showing the statistics of your blog and many more.

This article is mostly for bloggers and not for organizations or for business products. And also I will not include those blogging templates.

Here are the list of different blogging tools that a blogger can use.

1. Tools for the statistics of your blog.

# Sitemeter – A tracking tools that can give instant access to some vital information of your blog. Sitemeter will let you know the weekly performance of your blog with some useful information about your visitors.

# Google Analytics – a free tracking device from Google. Just like sitemeter it also gives the detailed information about the visitors of your blog.

# Stat Counter – another free tracking device that tracks your visitors. It is somewhat called an invisible web tracker.

# My Blog Log – this services is now part of yahoo. It also tracks visitors, you can also add some widget where you can see the list of visitors that are also a member of Mybloglog.

Other tools for statistics are:

# Web analysis

# Perfoming Metrics

# AWStat

# Extreme

# Webalizer

# Measuer Map

# Slim Stat

# Mint

Those statistics counter lets you embed their codes for them to be able to track your visitors. Some will send you a weekly report and others statistics counter can give you a graphical representation of your traffic.

2. Next is the Blog Editor Tools. Blog Editor tools are tools where they let you edit your post whatever blogging platform that you used. Here are some of the blog editor tools that are available online and are free to download.

# Windows Live Writer Blog

# WB Editor

# Qumana

# Blog Jet

# Zoundry

# W.Bloggar

# Blog desk

# Scribe Fire

# Mars Edit

3. News Aggregator tools is where your post automatically saved and you can easily share it to other people. The News Aggregator tools is also known as the feed reader and news reader. Through the use of the aggregator user or reader can easily check updates for a specific websites.

# Blog Lines

# Feed Demon

# Technorati

# Google Reader

# Website watcher

# Blog Pulse

# Blogarithm

4. Subscription Tools through Email

# Feedburner

# RssFwd

# Feed Blitz

Those are some of the blogging tools that are commonly used for blogging. There are lots of blogging tools that are not mention here but you can easily search for it through the net.