Bloons the Original – Interesting Levels – 6, 32, 38 and 44

Level 6 (The Iron Curtain)

29 balloons required to complete the level. This is the first level with an obstacle, but don’t be deterred by it. All you need to do is vary the arcs taken by your darts to achieve different heights and angles. A point worth noting is that within this level the arc is continued off the top of the screen, rather than a ricochet effect seen in many games. Again, once you get the hang of it fairly straight forward, and remember, you can always repeat levels with this game. Anything with an 80%+ score isn’t too bad.

Level 32 (Backwards Glance)

43 balloons required to complete the level. This level is a little tricky to complete. Firstly you need to shoot a series of arcs to take out the top bloons above the four squares which make up the obstacle. Ensure you get the two extra dart bloons in the process. Next, ensure you already have 36 bloons popped. Finally shoot as directly as possible at the row of ice bloons, this will take out seven bloons, the majority of which are ice ones, but the seven will bring you up to the magic 43 needed to complete the level.

Level 38 (Bouncebomb)

16 balloons required to complete the level. The objective of this level is to try to try to pop the pin bloon. This can be achieved two ways, either a low arc over the rubber wall or bounce of the rubber, whichever the player finds easiest. Use any remaining darts to try to pop more bloons, including any ice bloons, but make sure they are not going to freeze regular bloons before popping them. It is difficult to clear the screen so be aware that 85% is a reasonable score on this level.

Level 44 (Showertime)

42 balloons required to complete the level. This is another almost symmetrical level so once again the way you play one side is just repeated on the other. You do need to bear in mind the slightly longer distance to get to the far rubber wall on the right hand side. The object of each shot is to just clear the rubber wall closest to monkey and then bounce off the rubber wall further way and clear both mines and regular bloons as the dart falls to the bottom. You have no set way to use the darts, just use them wisely to go for the greatest chance of striking bloons. Not really a hard level to achieve the target needed.