Board and Batten Siding is an Inexpensive Yet Durable Siding Option

People say that there is no single thing that can define a nation. It is certainly true. It would really be too myopic to say that hamburgers define the American nation. Likewise, it is simply foolish to equate the United States with Hollywood. Yet there is no denying the fact that nations like America can be known for some things.

For instance, the US is known for its huge farmlands and its iconic barns. What makes an American barn unique from other barns across the globe is its siding. American barn sidings are not just made of regular planks. Instead, they are made of board and batten siding.

One of the simplest and common types of sidings, board and batten is made by alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, otherwise known as battens. The usual width of boards is about one foot. On the other hand, battens are typically one and a half foot wide. Boards are placed either vertically or horizontally while battens are put in between the seams of the boards.

Advantages of Board and Batten


Siding made from wood is known for its somewhat expensive price tag. Log siding, for instance, is a costly siding option. However, this is not always true. Not all wooden siding is expensive. One particular example of an affordable wooden siding is the board and batten variety. Because it is relatively easy to make, this siding is not expensive as red cedar shake siding.


One of the things that homeowners look for when buying a siding material is durability. No homeowner wants to get a siding material that would need to be replaced after 10 years. What homeowners are looking for is a durable siding material.

When it comes to durability, wooden siding, such as board and batten, is still one of the best options on the market. In recent years, wood has been unfairly criticized as a somewhat obsolete siding option. Some critics say that wood siding is prone to insect and mildew damage and would not really last long. That certainly is purely unsubstantiated talk.

It is a fact that wood can be damaged by termites and mildew, but that only happens if it is not treated properly. With proper application anti-termite or anti-mildew chemical, a wooden siding can certainly last a long time. A board and batten material, for example, can easily reach 30 years without serious damage.

Aesthetically Superior:

One of the top concerns of homeowners is the appearance of their properties. A house is an investment. You can never predict it, but there might come a time when you will need to sell off your property. So it is really important for a homeowner to do everything to make his property look beautiful. An elegant-looking house would have a higher price tag compared to a mediocre one.

A house’s siding can certainly enhance its appearance and raise its value. When it comes to aesthetics, wooden siding is far superior compared to other siding options. Therefore, investing in board and batten siding can really pay off.