Board Games That Can Be Customized

Everyone loves a good board game, one that brings back memories and nostalgia of the fun times spent playing them. These games are often used during quality time spent with family and friends and because of these, games can often hold a special place in the hearts of many. However, not many people realize that they can take this love of board games a step further and make one that has a more personal meaning. There are a number of kits available to the consumer which allows them to take the base of an already existing board game and adapt it to make it personal. These games are usually not that expensive and don’t often require much other than a little creativity to make a novelty that everyone will come to cherish.

One of the easiest adaptable and most popular customizable board games is a take off of Monopoly. Coming in a kit called Make-Your-Own-Opoly, this set allows players the chance to form a board based on a traditional Monopoly board, using only what the player themselves design. The set comes with a CD-ROM which gives the consumer all of the software needed to fully craft the cards needed for the game, along with the templates onto which these cards can be printed through a personal computer. The game does feature some differences, however, from the original version of Monopoly. Houses and hotels are not featured within game play, nor are railroads. The names of other features have been changed, such as Chance and Community Chest cards. These are now known as “Good News” or “Bad News.” Jail is now called “Fate” and “Free Parking” is “Roll Again.” These little differences aren’t enough to get in the way of a heavily enjoyable game, however, and the novelty of owning a game that a player designed themselves is enough to overcome any drawbacks that the few missing elements would have provided.

Citizens of the United Kingdom, however, have the opportunity to purchase their own official edition of Monopoly called “My Monopoly.” By operating through the official website, interested consumers can order their own edition that is customized right on the website. They have the opportunity to personalize all of the property spaces and the Chance and Community Chest cards. The rest of the board is the standard version of the game, but with an official seal, this personalized board game can become a great family heirloom.

The Game of Life also has an adaptation which can be personalized with little trouble. Often featured with weddings, graduations, and reunions, the game is often customized by all of the visitors to an event. Each visitor often crafts out one particular memory of the person or family being celebrated, which later becomes a space on the board. After all the visitors have left their particular memories, the board is designed, becoming fully playable on the second event. This version of the game is extremely well received, allowing people to make a very entertaining version of a keepsake, one that can be enjoyed over and over again, instead of simply sitting on a shelf somewhere. Fully interactive games are a great way to entertain and delight loved ones, and customizable board games are a unique way to do so.