Boat Anchor Winches – Small Boat Anchoring Systems

Boat anchor winches, manual or helm operated offer a simple tool for deploying and retrieving an anchor system smoothly and quietly.

An anchor winch mounted to a smaller sized vessel (in the region of 18 – 24-feet) is able to accept some of the heavier mushroom or river systems with a load rating of 25 to 50lbs. Winches can come pre-spooled with 50 – 95-feet of rope, and an electronic winch is able to retract its line at approx. 32 to 80-feet per minute.

Electric winch systems offer the convenience of auto power up / down at a simple press of a switch. Once a helmet positioned button is pressed an anchor can lower or free-fall (dependent on system design), to the floor of a river or lake for a great hold.

Features to a quality winch unit include optional wireless operation, anti-drag system (senses the bottom of a riverbed for controlled drifting), auto retrieval and spooling of line, and in-built lighting for low-light conditions.

An anchor winch for a pontoon-constructed vessel is fixed with a rugged mounting plate to offer extra space, with the anchor roller extending further out from the rear platform to allow complete clearance of the pontoons.

A manual or anchor winch system is often simple to mount, comes complete with all hardware for ease in installation, and an optional switch unit that is mounting at the winch side or at a vessel's helm position for a more well located area.

An anchor system to mount on a small runabout, utility boat to pontoon or deck boat up to 24-feet in length offers ease in lowering or retrieving, so more time for boating or fishing.