Boat Bookcase

You can give your home that nautical appearance by getting a boat bookcase. It is sure to generate a conversation in households that value great sailors and landlubbers. With the right kind of equipment and material, you will be glad to know that you can make a boat bookcase at home.

You can make the perfect gift using these bookcase for family and friends who love fishing and sailing. They are also very suitable for a lake house. You can also store and display various sentimental pieces like, books, photos, vases and many others that you can think of. It is a sure way to make your house look and feel distinct from others. Its style is unrivaled and no other piece of furniture can surpass its uniqueness.

There are several things you need to do while making your very own boat bookcase. First, know the size you want your boat bookcase to come in and a sketch will be very helpful. You will need plywood with the thickness of about 18mm. You are then required to draw a rectangle on it and directly at the center, measure and draw a straight line. The next thing will be shaping the boat and, you need to keep in mind that this piece will form the back of the bookcase. Dividing the length of the boat bookcase into five equal intervals, will enable you draw the boat's curved surface. To give the position for the bottom of the shelves, draw a line. You will need to mark the varying shelf lengths.

The next task will be to join the dots. According to their changing lengths, mark the center of each shelf. You will then hammer panel pins and this will be done at the ends of each shelf. At the tip of the boat, you will hammer two more panel pins, which will give you the preferred shape of your boat bookcase. Following this process carefully will see you create your desired bookcase.

The next thing you require after all the pins are in place is a flexible piece of wood which should be about 4mm thick. You will then hold it along the pins to make a curve. Tracing a line while holding in place will give shape to the bookcase. Using a jigsaw, cut a long the line. Cut out five shelves and this is so that they can fit into the cut out plywood. To match the curves of the bookcase, you will be required to plane the edges. The next thing will involve drilling and screwing each shelf into position and, this is onto the back of the bookcase.

A bow section will be required mainly to reinforce the tip of the boat so as to make it hold its position more permanently. The back of the boat bookcase will be used as a template. Cut a bow section to fit the top most shelf. Draw a line from each edge of the triangular shape then cut out the crescent like shape. You will then need a stem from timber, then plane the top edges of the stem. This is so that the plywood strips can be made into a visual curve. Finally, you can sand the edges and what will top it is a coat of varnish which will provide that final touch.