Boat Lift Motors

Technical support and efficiency are important when purchasing a boatlift, but the most critical part of a boatlift is the motor. Rather than manually spinning the wheel of a boatlift in order to get the boat on and off the water, a motor makes the job easy on you, and they are not hard to operate. Boatlift motors play a crucial role in saving effort for when you are actually in the water enjoying the boat itself. It is very important to have a good boatlift motor.

Most of the boatlift manufacturers are top providers of quality boatlift motors. Electricity is one of the prime requirements for using motors to enhance one's job of launching a boat. All one has to do is flip a lever, throw a switch, and let the rechargeable power of the boat's battery or AC power from the shore raise your boat into its storage position. AC or DC, the units are both compact, easily assembled and can be disengaged for manual operation of the lift wheel. Why would you want to disengage and do it yourself? Why, in case of a long-standing power outage, of course.

Boatlift motors are readily available and replaceable for all kinds of pontoon, hydraulic and floating boat lifts. Most of the motors on the market are reasonably priced and fit almost all boatlifts made. They are simple to operate with low maintenance, and they have simple installation procedures. Most motors available on the market give a one-year warranty, but your boatlift should probably last many more years than that.