Boating And Recreation On Canadian Waterways

If you are interested in some new places to go where you can enjoy boating, skiing or mountain climbing, you might want to consider going to Canada. Here you will find an assortment of breath taking terrain, fascinating wildlife, and plenty of water ways for your boating recreation. There are some new boating laws concerning pleasure craft that you might need to know.

Okanagan Valley is almost a desert because it is so dry, but there is plenty of water available to put a boat in and enjoy your leisure. This area is adored by thousands of people, both local and guest, with unequaled variety of climate and landscape, it is the perfect place for boating and sailing. But sure you have an operators card if your boat is motor powered.

One place to consider is Adams River where every four years sockeye salmon return to their place of birth by the millions. This event is world famous and can be enjoyed from several different areas around the river. There are many resorts and lodges available to accommodate travelers who need to soak up a little time indoors.

For those who do not have their own boat, there is Big Rideau Lake where you will find a boaters paradise. The waterway consists of lakes and rivers that are connected by canals. Whatever way you travel there, you can rent a boat, just remember that you will have to have a craft operator card for motorized boats.

With a fabulous array of 100,000 lakes, some of which are therapeutic, are found in Saskatchewan. This province is a great holiday and with a variety of lakes it is a dream for fishermen. While fishing here you might land an underwater monster, because Walleye salmon have been caught weighing over 18 pounds. That could surely make anyone feel like a sport.

On a clear day, Ontario beaches seem more like the Caribbean than Canada, with rafts and boats enjoying the same waters. Lake Erie is fed from the west by the Huron river and from the east by St. Clair. This a mecca of boating activity and a battleground of the War of 1812, if you are in Canadian waters you will need to comply with their boating laws and regulations.

The Great Lakes and the connecting channels form the largest fresh water system on earth. These lakes are clearly seen from the moon, and have interesting shapes, with one of them looking like a wolfs head. They are fed by numerous rivers, and if spread out evenly the water they contain could cover the United States in 9.5 feet of water.

Alberta in the Canadian Rockies offers more than 600 lakes where jet boating is a favorite sport, and an excellent place to scuba dive. River boarding is a great new sport being enjoyed in Alberta, surfing the rapids is a favorite pastime of young and old. Should a little diversion be of interest to you, you can take a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer, with a tour that ends in Vancouver.