Body Shaper Underwear – Three Great Spandex Body Shapers

What Does Ann Michell, Spanx, & Vedette Have in Common?

A woman's body is the canvas she uses to advertise what she has going on inside. Sometimes, for all the effort in the world, that body just doesnt quite say the right things. Fortunately, someone invented spandex body shapers to help guide the curves that are already there into a slightly more pleasant shape. There are three great examples of women's shapewear out there: Ann Michell, Spanxs and the Vedette.

Ann Michell body shaper underwear is made by a Columbian company of the same name. While their lines of body shapers have a great deal of variation in their firmness (going all the way from slightly firm compression all the way to hyper compression), Ann Michell is differentiated because they're more comfortable than most other women's slimming undergarment.

They get this extra comfort from being lined with especially soft materials – good for when you've got people to impress all day long. One of their very popular lines is the Alejandra style 1046 – just do not eat a big meal with this spandex body shaper on, or you'll regret it. The level of compression is pretty intense – but the look (and the looks you'll get) make it all worthwhile.

Now let's talk about Spanx. Other than having a fun name, Spanx (go on, say it out loud) spandex reshaping line has the advantage of not technically being spandex. They're actually more of a lycra material, which is only important if you're concerned about the added weight actual spandex rings to shapewear underwear. It also brings the advantage of being a bit more similar than other, similar products – you will not be crushed into Spanx shapers, but you'll definitely feel that your curves have gotten smoother and sleeker from it. It's kind of like the old rule of make-up, where the idea is to make it look totally natural.

The Vedette brand of women's body shapers are the most specialized type of body shaper underwear. They do not just have regular shapers like corsets and full body shapers. They even have two separate styles of butt enhancing panties – the kind that adds padding where nature forgot to, and the kind that actually surrounds and lifts up your buttocks. One really great thing about Vedette is that their designers are absolute masters of slimming down a poochie waist. And another, possibly even better aspect of their line is that they use a special Brazilian style of rubber that lets your pores breathe better – so it does not feel quite so much like medieval knight armor.