Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

While there are many methods of commercial carpet cleaning for your San Jose office or office building one of the most widely used techniques for professional carpet cleaning is the bonnet cleaning method.

As is well-known, you experience much more traffic in a commercial environment than you see in homes or apartments and there the cleaning must be equal to the needs, since many people will be viewing your carpets on a daily and weekly basis. Deep cleaning at the frequency with which commercial carpets need to be taken care of can ruin the carpet. Using the bonnet process, which is the use of absorbent pads, is the best and safest method to use in this environment.

The bonnet cleaning system is great when it comes to surface cleaning and will most likely be the answer to your San Jose's carpet cleaning needs since it is cost effective and rather simple and easy to do. It is also a very quick drying carpet cleaning process and that makes it even more beneficial for your business as you will have people coming and going at all times and in order to avoid any slips or falls from wet carpeting, this is the way to go .

If you have your own cleaning crew or company they can do this with ease purely by purchasing the equipment, unless you have very expensive, top of the line carpeting. If this is the case be sure to consult a professional carpeting cleaning company as they have the experience and can back up their work and performance with a guarantee.

While you will not be able to get all of the benefits of a deep cleaning, such as removal of organizations, soiling and dirt that is sunk deep in your carpets, you will have consistently clean and healthy looking carpets. Typical carpets do require that you have them deep cleaned once every twelve to fourteen months and it is wise to have this done, as well, and your carpets should keep their cleanliness much better with the regular bonnet cleaning you have done. Make sure to consult with your preferred San Jose carpet cleaning company in order to get the best advice on carpet cleaning and the right type of care for you and your carpeting. By keeping up with your carpets and helping them remain in as good shape as possible with regular maintenance you will be able to save money from repeated cleanings, repair of the carpet or any replacements you will have to pay for from the entire areas of carpeting or the padding below.

Make sure that the person who performs the bonnet carpet cleaning for you knows what they are doing and never over-wets the carpeting. The worry is not only the slips or accidents that can come about, but also the fact that mold and mildew love to grow in these wet and moist environments and if they take over you stand the chance of needing to replace both the carpet and padding for any and all affected areas.