Bonsai Care – Watering Bonsai Plants

Watering methods are very important to a Bonsai Plants. If you fail to observe this aspect, the chances are that you will lose your Bonsai Plant. You must understand that watering techniques do different. One consolation is that most Bonsai Plants do have a similar pattern of watering them.

Another important thing about watering Bonsai Plants is that you must know the type of soil that it was grown in. The nursery center, or in the forest where to could have been different from the soil where you live. Therefore, you must consider temperature and atmospheric changes the Bonsai Plant has to undergo. However, most Bonsai Plants are resilient, ie they are capable to adjust to the new climate in one to three weeks.

Watering should be done when you see the soil below the surface is dry. You need to do a simple check to ensure that the soil below is dry. Very simple! Use your finger to poke into the soil to about 3 to 4 cm if you find the soil dry, then watering is necessary. The rule of the thumb is to water the plant when the soil becomes dry.

Do not be alarmed when you initially see, a few leaves turn yellow or falling off. This is normal. When checking the soil, follow the simple rule – if the soil is moist, then do not water but if the soil is dry, you must water your Bonsai Plant. When you have to water your bonsai plant, you must ensure that the water runs out through the drain holes in the bottom of the container. Giving the plant to sit in water, will lead to root rotting, and eventually killing the plant.

Now the question is, how often must we check on the plants for watering? Initially, you will have a problem. However, using a fortnightly check you will soon be able to determine a more accurate pattern. During hot or warm period the frequency for watering will increase. Therefore, you would simply make the appropriate adjustments, which may require you to check the soil more often to determine a new pattern. For the plant to continue to survive or to grow the soils has to be in moisture condition.

What you have just read is a general guide for watering Bonsai Plants. Remember, whenever you buy a new plant, you should do some research on that particular plant. This piece of work will save you a lot of headache.

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