Book a Cheap Flight to Paphos in Cyprus

A cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus, one of those cheap self catering Cyprus apartments and a Cyprus topographical map … what more could the avid holiday maker or property hunter want? A cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus is virtually being given away now with the budget airlines all trying to compete against each other, so there has never been a better time to get out your walking boots, grab your map of Cyprus and set off.

Once you have flown over on your cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus there is no need for you to stay in the town, although there is plenty to see and do, why not book yourself some cheap hire car. Cyprus is only small, so really anywhere is within commutable distance, if you do get carried away and lose track of time and cannot make it back to your accommodation, you can always book into one of the other many cheap self catering Cyprus apartments for an overnight stay.

The flora and wildlife in Cyprus are spectacular and in abundance, there are literally hundreds of nature reserves scattered all over the island, there are long and short nature trails, uphill and downhill trails, waterfalls, monasteries and ruins to visit, mountains to climb, mosaics to see and so much more to do and see. Can you see why we recommend a Cyprus topographical map? An ordinary map of Cyprus would have limited use in these circumstances. Cyprus is meant to be explored, so get exploring. Enjoy yourself, after all isn’t that why you came to Cyprus?

Well actually, we know that you really came on your cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus with the intent of property investment, which is excellent value at the moment, but who said you cannot enjoy yourself? Remember the saying “All work and no play…..”?

Cyprus property is selling like hot buns straight from the oven as the prices are so cheap, now is the time to purchase property as the prices won’t remain static for much longer. Developers are beginning to realise that the interest in Cyprus property is high, so they will soon start to increase their prices. If you really are interested in buying your very own piece of Cyprus, then act now before the prices start to climb. Do not confine your search to just Paphos, look around as there are many new and resale properties available and both offer equally good value. There are many properties for sale in the mountains which tend to be a little cooler in the summer months, many Cypriots own small apartments in the mountains and use them as retreats during the summer as it can become stiflingly hot on the coast and in the towns. Property in the mountains is not confined to small apartments, there are all sizes of property from a small studio to a sizable villa if that is your desire.

Why not book a cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus, book into one of the cheap self catering Cyprus apartments and then have a good look at what is on offer. We are sure you will be amazed at the value.