Book Report Project – Game Show Style

Need to do a book report? Why not make a game of it? What game you ask? Try doing a report report like the game Jeopardy. You can set up the book report information making the answers for all your information you present and ask your audience or teacher to guess the questions.

You can do easy points as the least dollar amount such as the characters and the more important points from the book or the conflicts can be the most expensive questions or answers.

Your fellow students will get into the report and your presentation a lot more. You could even offer candy or something like that as part of a reward for guessing answers correctly and the person with the most candy could use that to bet for the final jeopardy or double jeopardy questions. You could make those harder or the most important information.

This may even encourage other students to read your book if you make it enjoyable enough and very interesting for everyone involved. You will enjoy creating this project as well. If your audience or teacher will not be interactive with you for this style of book report presentation it will still work and be a lot of fun.

This may seem strange but give your answer with information about your characters. The question will be the name of the character. Describe the time the story takes place. The questions will be the actual time frame such as the 1930 time period.

You can create a poster board that shows categories about your book such as characters, location, conflicts, problems or whatever the book is about. As you talk about the answer, you could have a flap on the poster board and say here is the question and flip up the flat that reveals the question. It may not be as exciting as interacting with the class but will still be different than a normal book report.

As you so the answers and questions for each category and topic that information. This will lead through the book until the final question. This could be the double jeopardy topic.