Book Review – Way of the Peaceful Warrior

This story is a mixture of fact and fiction, leaving you wondering which part it Dan’s autobiography and which part is fiction. It takes you on a Journey to connect with your own inner dreams and aspirations.

Dan, the main character, is a college student at Berkeley, University of California, and world-champion athlete. He knows that despite his success there is something missing in his life. Waking up one night by nightmares, he wonders down to the gas station, where he meets an old eccentric man. They become friends, teacher and student in a ‘course for life’. Socrates, as Dan calls the old man and warrior, teaches him about life, spirit, belief, mystery, success and love in a way that draws you into Dan’s character.

This classic tale, told with heart and humor, speaks to the peaceful warrior in each of us, moving readers to laughter and tears — even to moments of illumination — as they rediscover life’s larger meaning and purpose. The book was written 25 years ago and the film of the book was released this year. Check your local cinema to find out when the film will play in your area.

The new edition of this inspiring book contains hundreds of revisions by the author. It also tells the story behind the book – how it was born, “died,” then rose from its ashes to become a word-of-mouth bestseller that continues to inspire millions of men and women of all ages in 22 languages worldwide.

Comments by Dan:

‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior began my own journey as a writer and teacher. I’ve been blessed by thousands of letters I’ve received over the years. When I wrote it, I had no idea that so many people, young and old, from different walks of life, would find my story so inspiring. Over the years I’ve asked myself why. I believe it’s because my story also touched upon universal themes-our common quest for meaning and purpose and direction. Somehow it reminds readers of what they had always known but forgotten — the bigger picture and essential perfection of our lives unfolding.’

ISBN 0-915811-89-8

H J Kramer Book (Publisher)