Book Review – You’ll See It When You Believe It by Dr. Wayne Dyer

The title of this book is a play on the commonly heard expression “I’ll believe it when I see it!” Dyer explains that most people live their lives this way, focusing on what is and attracting more of what is, reacting to life rather than taking responsibility for it, never really believing that miracles will come to them. According to Dyer people should first believe and focus on what they want to have in their lives and only then will it materialize.

Dyer says that if we believe first, we can have, do or be anything we want in life.

Many people are interested in attracting more abundance into their lives. To do this, Dyer says we must focus on abundance and not scarcity. “Whatever You Focus Your Thoughts On Expands” is one of the chapters in this book and Dyer tells readers how to tune into abundance by doing what you love to do. There are all kinds of ways to make money doing what you love and this love is what will draw abundance and happiness to you.

Dyer also offers tips on why readers might resist the idea of an abundant Universe and gives ideas on how to bring abundance into their lives. “You don’t have to be stuck where you are unless you decide to be,” Dyer says.

One way to bring abundance into your life is by flowing with the Universe. A blade of grass doesn’t need to be forced to grow, it just naturally grows the way it is supposed to. Water flows in the direction of least resistance. We, too, can get into this flow of the Universe, going with it rather than resisting, being detached from the outcome because we know all is as it is supposed to be in an abundant Universe.

One you get into the flow of the Universe and Believe-you begin to SEE synchronicity in your life- people, events, situations, ideas-they all come to you in the flow of the Universe to help you on your way because everything is ONE and connected.

The chapters on forgiveness are also very important because to have an abundant life, you must forgive yourself and others and move on. “The Universe is always working the way it is supposed to,” Dyer says. Others do what they know how to do, given the conditions of their lives. The rest of the anger, hatred and judgment we carry around with us is ours. “We own it all,” Dyer says.

He goes on to say that we can only give away what we have-if all we have is hatred and anger in our hearts, then that is what we will also give away to others and attract from others. If we have love and generosity in our hearts, then we will attract love and generosity from others.

Dyer’s book tells readers how to believe in miracles, expect miracles and SEE miracles manifest in their lives. This is a wonderful self-help book that will lead you on your own path to personal transformation, not just to an abundant life, but a peaceful, harmonious, happy life.

You’ll See It When You Believe It was published by William Morrow in 1989, First Quill Edition published 2001 ISBN 0-06093733-5

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