Bookcase Headboards – A Practical Solution For Smaller Bedrooms

Usually built with wood, these headboards boast dual shelving to site the items need at night time like, lamps, clock radio etc. These convenient shelves cut out the need to place your odds and ends on a bedside cabinet where they might get tipped over if you roll over in bed during the night.

Bookcase headboards will normally need to be self assembled so you should ensure you have a hammer, screwdriver and wood glue to hand. Before buying, check that the headboard will fit onto your bed. If it does not then the headboards can be screwed into the wall of your bedroom to ensure it remains secure.

At the least one shelf will boast a modest cubby hole for a radio set or lamp and will have a small hole cut where you can run the power cord.

Country style headboards feature delicate casting along the interior abuts of the shelves. This fashion brings an elegant panache to a kids or adults bedroom while providing a functional area. A deep wood polish on wood like cherry or ash preserves a light country feel that appears distinguished in any room. You will find that light wood staining will exude a delicate ambiance that is most common country style pieces of furniture.

Contemporary bookcase headboards frequently boast a lot of squared-off edges and duskier, bold colors. The fashionable appearance is best-selling amongst teenagers and children. Delicate arches and acute angles make for a real elegant pattern. This designing is frequently manufactured from wood chip board covered up with polished veneering. As well shelving, a few examples boast a elongated ledge on top with a retaining bar to ensure all your items do not fall off.

Other fashions include bedheads that are particular to a specific age group customized to little girls and young boys. A full bookcase headboard is the most common variety used in teen's rooms.

Before buying, think about what you really need the headboards for. Makers will frequently tell you the exact sizes of the shelves, which is crucial in ascertaining if your book will fit in properly.

You should also remember that each headboards will be safe up to certain weights so check before buying or you could wake up in the night surrounded by books!

Bedside lamps can be positioned on the bedhead to enable you to get to quickly if you need to during the night but remember to feed the electrical cord through the hole at the back of the headboard otherwise it could easily be pushed over in the night.