Books For Attorneys – Three Resource Books For Every Lawyer

If you are a new lawyer, or you’ve been practicing for some time you’ll want to add the following books to your library, if you haven’t got them already:

Lowering the Bar by Marc Galanter – While there are tons of books available that bash lawyers, this is not one of them. Instead, just like a modern Shakespeare, Galanter takes lawyer jokes and draws similarities to trends of society in America. There are thousands of jokes including cartoons that mock lawyers and the legal system, and he shows how it is all influencing the way relationships are changing between individuals, as well as between citizens and the American government, and also between corporations and their customers. Lawyer jokes remain popular because they’re still out there fighting for the little guy. This is a great read if you’re starting out in the world of law.

The Creative Lawyer by Michael Melcher – This is a book that is written with lawyers in mind. It is also pretty useful if you want to find more satisfaction from your life or career. It is written well, in an articulate and entertaining manner. It provides insight that actual works when attempted in the real world. It will give you a new perspective on how you feel about yourself, and your job. Like many books similar to this one, it is an interesting read, but you’ll find the most benefit by actually trying the suggestions made in it. It’s time to stop thinking about the life you want and get a success coach, a career mentor, or whatever you need to get it to happen!

The Unhappy Lawyer by Monica Parker – The American education system is outdated. Since the 50’s the entire American population has been brainwashed to go to school and when you finish get a job. This is very true in the legal field where it is seen that becoming a lawyer will fulfill all of your goals in life. If you are feeling pigeon-holed after passing the bar, you need to realize that you don’t just have to become a lawyer, you can do anything you want to do. You could be a speaker, a writer, a great thinker, a business man, and you’ll have a leg up since you already know the law. This book will help you explore all of your potential.

Plus one for good measure:

How Lawyers Lose Their Way by Jean Stefancic – Most lawyers don’t have the time to read books outside of all the books they need to read for the job. You should do yourself a favor and find some spare time and read through this book. If you’ve been feeling disenchanted or that you’ve taken the wrong path, this book will get you back. If you feel that your life is governed by formality and materialism, you need to start reevaluating things. This book will help you find new meaning in all the sacrifices you made to get where you are.