Boom in Real Estate Taking a Bricklayer’s Career on a High Growth Trajectory

Bricklayer’s job is today hailed as one of the modest remunerative career depending on the experience and qualification.

The excellent way to becoming a bricklayer is by completing a 3 year apprenticeship program. The program might be sponsored by a contractor or a union. What is desirable is a diploma from high school and this is especially for those who wish to become apprentices. One condition that must be satisfied is that the apprentices must be of seventeen years in age. They should be equipped with a degree of certain manual deftness and should also possess a satisfactory eye for straightness. The on the job training is accompanied with the three year program with classroom instruction of 144 hours at least each year. Formal qualification is not mandatory but employers give preference to people with on site experience. You can get the job through an apprenticeship scheme in collaboration with a building firm. Availability of Apprenticeships will hinge on the local market jobs and the skills employers need. To become eligible for apprenticeship you may need to have vocational qualifications like Diploma in Construction or Edexcel Introductory Certificate, which contains options for bricklaying.

The nature of bricklayers work is to build walls, fireplaces, chimneys and other fortresses made of brick. They also build and repair tunnel linings, chimney stacks, and decorative stonework as archways. It can range from commercial development to a house extension. They work with cinder blocks and concrete, marble, tile and terra cotta. Terra cotta constitutes a ceramic material that is used for decoration. Bricklayers can involve in both maintenance and construction work. Under maintenance, they repair existing edifice or structure.

A bricklayer can expect to earn up to 15000 pound per year. The remuneration depends on the skillfulness of the employee. Qualified bricklayers can expect to earn between 16000 Pound to 23000 Pound Per Year. And experienced bricklayers-instructors included can earn a minimum of 30000 Pound Per Year. Besides the regular and conventional pay overtime and allowances can add to the income. Negotiation can be worked out by the self employed bricklayers.

The working condition can be considered as quite daunting as to normally work 39 hours per week from Monday to Friday though overtime is a usual phenomenon to meet the deadlines. Protective equipments are a necessity in this kind of work to defend you from these physically challenging jobs.