Boots For the Family

There are so many options when it comes to boots, it can be hard to choose what to buy for the family. When winter weather sets in, the one thing mothers think about is keeping their children warm. This can be done by layering socks and making them wear uncomfortable shoes that feel too small due to the layers of socks, or you can buy them winter boots.

Boots for children are much easier to choose than those for teens or adults. Children’s boots have a much wider variety of colors, materials and designs than any other boot. From faux fur linings to sheepskin or leather uppers, the options are endless. For small children that would have a hard time walking in bulky shoes, try giving them sheepskin or even plastic winter boots. These materials are known for being comfortable on little feet, and are lightweight enough not to cause problems walking. If the child will be wearing the boots for an extended period of time, it is best to go with a material that will allow the feet to breathe. This would include canvas, sheepskin and leather with ports on the side or the top that allow air to flow in. The ports could make for a less than waterproof boot, so it is best to find a style that includes these ports on the upper section of the boot instead of on the foot.

For teens that need boots, many will opt for more fashion friendly boots than those that are more useful. Guiding your teens to wear boots that are comfortable and weather appropriate is the most important aspect of buying the boots. If your teen wants a pair of 4 inch heel boots, but you live in an area that sees an average of 18 inches of snow in the first month of winter, these are not weather appropriate. Your teen would only get a few weeks worth of use from the boots and you would then be forced to buy a more useful pair. There are designer boots that offer both a fashion statement as well as the versatility to be worn in cold and slick weather.

For the men in the family, be them young or older, winter boots can be a simple pair of cowboy boots. Many men will opt for work boots in the winter, as they offer non-slip soles and heavy leather uppers to protect feet from the cold. Avoid buying boots for young men that have steel toe, as the steel will get cold and can create issues due to the feet staying cold. For the more refined tastes, there are designer men’s boots that offer leather uppers along with trendy designs that are still acceptable to wear with suits, or under jeans. These boots are mostly found only through online retailers and outlet stores, and not at the local shoe store for the most part. This is due to the fact that they are much more expensive, and are made of a higher quality leather, thus requiring the higher price tag.