Bordeaux – Gastronomy – New Fresh Cookers

Modernity is the word employed by professionals, they said that a new generation of young person is appeared to give a "New Air" to the Bordeaux Tradition.

Can recipes exist without Wine or Leek "in Bordeaux"? It is a crime your Majesty for the Gastronomical Tradition of this famous place. Recipes from Bordeaux belong to the local culinary inheritance. Nobody changed them contrary to Nicolas Magie, the reputable chief of "the Cape" did not hesitate before modifying these recipes.

The cooker shows his will and his honor of a young person allowing a local cuisine with a new generation.

Wine Grewer Inventions

Wine has been a cumbersome product for the Bordeaux Cuisine for a long time. Bordeaux has not created Cuisine without Wine for many years, related Michel Portos, Chief of Saint-James, restrain the cookers imagination by making the delicious Foie Gras with wine, fish from the river and using red meat like "Bordelaise" (from Bordeaux , generally with wine). Some scandalmongers claim that some food cooked with wine areventions of Wine Growers. They are certainly right but there meals are deeply anchored in the local traditions and used in all families.
Result: "It's so difficult to nourish them because they always refer to the recipes of their grandmothers or their aunts.

Should the local customers be refractory with the culinary innovation? "Not at all" answers Thierry Marx, chief of Pauillac. The local clientele time to accept the change but when she has discovered your Identity and your Target, she became loyal. People do not go more to the restaurant to eat the same food that their own. They want "A New Generation" of tastes.

"New Cuisine in the Air"

Cookers invent new dynamism and they use ideas from foreign countries. Travels influence new recipes as Asian Food, their principal reference. The open mind was considering as a defect of the Bordelaise Cuisine.

However, these influences coming from around the world do not penalize the Bordeaux Cuisine. On the contrary, the new generation of cookers work with all the local products and they have already
Known that all the products are available in Bordeaux.