Bosca Stoves

The Bosca stoves range will soon be introduced to the UK with the Chilean stove manufacturer announcing a deal with a leading UK stove retailer. Wood-burning Bosca stoves will be targeted at the lower end of the UK market and offer an interesting entry point for those looking to purchase their first wood burning stove and multifuel stove. So what brand names can you expect from Bosca stoves?

The company has a number of different brands which include Limit, Aresta, Firepoint, Gold, Classic and Spirit although the company also offer other stoves. While these particular stoves are seen as contemporary they do abide by UK regulations and do offer something a little different to what is on the market at the moment. There is no doubt that the UK wood burning stove market has increased dramatically over the last decade and more and more people are now looking to install stoves in new builds as well as renovations and redecorations.

While many of the wood-burning stoves available in the UK can legally cost upwards of 2000 it is interesting to see that Bosca stoves are targeting the opposite end of the spectrum but still offer excellent value for money. Even though these Bosca wood-burning stoves will not necessarily carry the same technological advances as UK manufacturers they do bring something a little different to the marketplace. It is this element of "something different" which is almost certain to attract the attention of consumers in the UK who appear willing to consider any new entrant to the market on face value.

Even though the UK stove market is particularly large and growing it is not the largest in the world and there will no doubt be other overseas manufacturers looking to grab a slice of the UK. We will continue to monitor new stove ranges available, both from domestic suppliers and overseas companies, and bring further details in due course.