Bosch Cordless Drill Review – Learn the Truth About the Bosch Drill Now

A Bosch Cordless Drill is definitely something to consider, as Bosch is one of the most known companies in the industry today. Basically, if you've been looking for a drill for any length of time, this is one you've no doubt come across. Is it as good as advertised?

Fortunately, you do not have to buy it and find out for yourself to learn the answer. The much simpler solution is to read online reviews such as the following.

33618 Brute Tough 18

This is one of the most popular Bosch Drills, so its' the one we will look at for this review.


This one specifically is very strong and lasts quite a long time. The gearbox has 2 speeds, and they are made with 1005 meal to ensure they last the longest amount of time. They possess as much as five hundred inch-pounds of torque and a max of thirteen hundred revolutions per minute at their peak.

The engine is eighteen volt, and comes with overload safety to help keep it working well as long as possible. Believe it or not, the company says that this Bosch Cordless Drill is able to stand a fall of as much as one full story.

While this has not been verified, it still shows that it is a high quality drill, and very hard to damage. The chuck is one half inches, and depending on the website or store you purchase it from, it will be sold with 2 batteries, a sixty minute charger and a case to lug it around with.

The chuck does not require the use of a key, meaning you can change bits at a quicker rate,
One of the best things about this Bosch Cordless Drill is that the batteries last two and two fifths amp hours, certainly among the best of its' class. It has a rubber grip to ensure it will not be constantly slipping out of your hands.


The one drawback of this particular model is its' weight; very simply, it is not one of the lighter models around, making carrying it around somewhat of a burdensome task. It's also somewhat difficult to drill with a model this heavy.

On the whole, this is a reliable and powerful drill both for the home and the job site. This Bosch Cordless Drill is a great machine and one I would recommend.