Bow Hunting For Birds – A Bird Hunter’s Ultimate Challenge

For those avid hunters that like to bird hunt, have you ever considered using a bow instead of a shotgun? Hunting birds with a bow may sound crazy but it can be done and here’s how you can do it.

Hunting birds with a bow will require practice shooting as well as quick reactions.

You know how difficult it is to use a shotgun, but using a bow will give you bragging rights among all bird hunters. The smaller and quicker the species, the better shot you will have to be if you plan to bag the bird.

So how can you learn?

Remember you are looking for bragging rights, so practice before you take out your friends otherwise they will only laugh.

Choose your weapon (uh… bow). Compound bows are the most commonly used. However, I prefer long bows for reaction aiming. Both of the bows can be used as neither really has the advantage over the other. Whichever you like and have confidence in will be your best choice.

#1 Practice by bow fishing. Bow fishing will give you some confidence in hitting moving objects. Plus, you can see your target for longer before having to shoot.

#2 Buy Flu-Flu Arrows. When you gain confidence in bow fishing buy some flu-flu arrows. These arrows are only designed to go 40 to fifty yards and are much easier to find.

#3 Use a Frisbee for Practice. Get someone to throw a Frisbee. It is big enough to be easy to see and easy to hit. When you can hit the Frisbee consistently, you are ready to move to smaller targets.

#4 Buy some Mini Frisbees. Using the mini Frisbees as targets will get you ready for bird hunting. When you can hit the mini Frisbees consistently, you are ready to hunt for your first bird.

#5 Start with Pheasants. Pheasants are larger than a regular Frisbee and fly slower than most other birds making them easier to hit. They also will only fly 30 to 40 yards before they go back and hide again.

#6 Bow Hunting for Birds

You are now ready to work on smaller game or hunt turkeys. The more you hunt and practice, the better you will become. When you feel real confident and gutsy, go dove hunting. That will be the ultimate challenge. Dove hunting with a bow gives you unmatched bragging rights.

If you go on the Internet search out bird hunting with a bow. You will find many people bird hunt using just a bow. Plus, you can find all the equipment you will need.

Good luck and good hunting.