Bowflex Revolution For Sale – How to Get a Bowflex Deal

If you're looking for a Bowflex Revolution for sale, there are a couple things to consider before making a purchase. Here are a couple tips to make your decision with ease.

# 1. Buy A Bowflex Revolution If …

o You do not have time to workout at a gym or if you like the convenience of working out at home.

o If you like the muscle-building versatility of 100 exercises and 400 variations.

o If your primary fitness goal is to build lean muscle and stay conditioned.

o If you have space for a home gym; the Revolution weighs over 200lbs.

# 2. Buying A New Bowflex Revolution … Buying a new Bowflex Revolution has it's own advantages. The biggest one is that you have the comfort and protection of 10-year warranty on parts and labor. Since you'll be working out a on a regular basis your Bowflex will be subject to natural wear and tear. Having a warranty will protect your investment and save you money from potential repairs.

# 3. Buying A Used Bowflex Revolution … For shoppers on a budget, buying a used Bowflex Revolution is an attractive option. The largest advantage is the money you will save on a used or refurbished machine. One of the most popular places to look is Craigslist directly from an owner. I've had good luck with this service and here a couple tips. Have the seller send you some pics before you come over to check it out to save you some time. Have a list of questions ready before you speak with him / her on the phone and stay away from anyone who is too pushy. I've had a lot of success this way. The only downfall of buying used is you do not have the protection of a warranty if something goes wrong.