Brain Drain in India

Indian education system is counted amongst the best in the world. The land of Aryabhatta has given many intelligent minds to the world.

The Indian system of education follows a smooth hierarchy from basics to perfection. The school drop outs in India are very less as compared to other parts of the world. But still there remains a huge uneducated population that sometimes nullifies the effect of the good things that the intelligent minds of India do!

After completing their education in India, people often leave for foreign countries in search of better working environment and pay package on account of unemployment. This concept of taking education in a country but earning for another is known as brain drain. Asian countries have been a victim of such concept since the west opened up job opportunities s for eastern countries. They get cheap and hardworking labor in this manner!!

Unemployment in India has been an overused excuse by the one’s who are responsible for such brain drain and also by the ones who are desperately trying to contribute to the same. The opportunities inside the country suddenly seem small and worthless in front of the starry image of the west. More than anything else, better lifestyle and a developed country name to flaunt, has lead people into migrating their working areas from their native place to a western country. But the question remains is it really so starry as it seems? Are there seriously no “good” job opportunities in India? Well, had this question come a decade earlier the answer would have been a tragic yes, but today when many multi national companies are desperately trying to establish a branch in India, the verity differs!

Going to foreign countries to earn can be beneficial for your native land only in case you are sending back money in foreign currency and adding to the countries funds and also going with an intention of returning.

The patriotism should not be lost to personal fervor.

Be an Indian, support India!