BRAIN ILLUMINATION – The Monkey Mind VS the Mind of Light

We have just collectively stepped beyond the threshold of the Divine Doorways of illumination. What we do now is all up to you, but the question remaining is;

Whom do you TRUST ?

Which MIND are you aligned with?

As the acceleration continues many souls have reached a point of how do I continue healing my self, family and others? How do we gain a higher resonances and change of perception as many have been brought to their knees – reaching that fine line between insanity and stillness. How does one continue to easily and effortlessly transform the inner tsunami, struggling over the ruler ship of our MINDS?

Sai Baba – the Cosmic Christ Avatar once said:

' the mind can create bondage or the mind can create liberty '

These last few weeks have tested every ones patience, strength, fortitude and authenticity. We have all experienced those moments lost in continuous thoughts drowning in a sea of ​​despair and doubt, but have also risen in ecstasy with creative inspiration of new ideas birthed into reality. So in honoring our mental monkey mind to becoming a Mind of Light receptive to Divine Intelligence and allowing the infinite possibilities, undiscovered horizons yet to explore we must delve into the FEAR MATRIX of the Collective Consciousnesses. By releasing these old, worn out repressed emotional webs created from our past, ancestors, patterns and structures that have left us paralysed in contemplation for too long.

With the accelerated unfolding transformation we many have been frustrated with it not being fun anymore experiencing explosive anger suppressed for years, aeon's actually in control fear based program coercing us to go within our masculine selves this time to face the pain of the infested past. This allowed many to bear witness to these unspoken shadows of grief, bitterness and remorse, resulting in chronic headaches, sore / dry throats, endless coughing, sleepless nights and frustration.

What may have been overlooked is that this was that perfect opportunity to release / tear up the old contracts of the infectious deep isolated wounds of self-abuse torturing our emotions by leaving us paralysed in ICE-olation. By gathering courage to face these inner demons – which in fact are just an illusion – we recall that dynamic moment in time, that A-HA moment! When full realization hits to create our realities it all begins with the mind – what we think will be magnetize into our sphere – we need to become more cognitive of our thoughts and expressions – become more vigilant. Recognizing when a time out is needed, energetically clear out our homes and sanctuaries, a healing sessions, massage, meditation, an ascension walk in the woods, reconnecting with our selves, a few days away with our partners, expressing ourselves creatively, taking a workshop, playing with our children and animals, letting freedom rein. Our heart begins to beat entrained to the Earth's and the cosmos, throbbing with joy as we build a fresh new foundation gaining strength and momentum, as each magical step unfolds before our very eyes. Understanding now that all is in divine order, that our journey deep into the Shadow is really wisdom transforming bringing illumination to the past illusions of darkness to ignite the passion of heaven.

Over the past few weeks many have been experiencing what we call ' Ascension Symptoms ' or ' healing crisis ' of the energy flu, inflammation, dizziness, unexplained aches and pains, discharging old reactions as the body detoxes from the tension and stress held hostage for years. Breathing again and learning how to simply experience and observe with child like wonder – to just BE – moving on without judgment, shame, fear, escapism, attachment, denial, anger, continuing the pity game preferring to play victim or avoidance in repeating itself.

But a true passing of sorts, filling these old outworn patterns with LOVE to be passionately re-born as the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Allowing the accelerated energy to continue flushing our bodies and cellular memory at the sub atomic particle levels – spinning our DNA faster, releasing old stagnate energy. Become more flexible, fluid, energized and vital. 2011 truly was the year of TRANSCENDCE . An initiatory gateway; a time of necessary upheavals that will reveal the gift of emergence – the Rainbow Warrior. As we continue to build our bodies of light, synthesizing the light in a dynamic balancing to birth the new human – Homo Luminance's, weaving the sparks of shimmering mists for our new webs of creation.

Recognizing and embracing new truths: that we are the MASTERPIECES , the MUSES, the fully realized master self. Igniting infinite possibilities within.

"I AM the darkness that is the LIGHT and the STILLNESS that is the DANCING" . -TS Elliote

Why not instead, dare to be the WILD CARD ! Throw out those old scripts of drama, in fact tear it up and burn it! Surrendering time and for all the pain of separation, mayhem, survival, poverty, the shame of being, unworthiness with fears of being unlovable and lonely. BE THE CHANGE! Dare risking it all by writing a magnificent new script reading moment to moment, truly embracing living in the essence of Divine FLOW enjoying the enchantment of the moment, believing and using your own magic and powers of creation to create a harmonious and magical life. Allowing the full realization of our true divinity to surface, conquering our self-imposed limitations to actualize our Diamond Alignment of Divine Bliss, living in orgasmic ecstasy fully awakened and alive … that's right RAPTURE!


In the days leading up to this Hoodwinked event, I was amazed by the insanity of the repeated end of the world scenarios constantly being playing over and over again to instill fear of an impending disaster of catastrophic proportions – creating a tear in the energy fields of our auras, an almost Astral Invasion of the dark side of the lower ego leaving these scary images to replay in which ever imagination allowed it to imprint – purposefully shocking you to throw you out of sync within your center. (Remember that at the root of this energy, it still is SOURCE). When in fact it was a Cosmic explosion of harmonic balancing of the divine ecstasy, joy and bliss.

The Alchemical Marriage of the Divine Pole shift of blending, merging and integrating together in the Sacred Sexual Cosmic Union of our inner masculine and feminine selves awakening a higher resonance of our Divinity – providing brain illumination, activating our pituitary glands to unaware the ancient wisdom of ETERNAL LIFE , illuminating the Universal Designed Truths no longer held in secrecy. Assisting humanity with elevating the soul as Ascension is actually the Dissension of Spirit into Matter awakening personal power through awareness while embracing the shadow wounds of the past making the new harmonic octaves of Heaven on Earth fully realized. Knowing creation to attract our other half – the psychological aspects of the Twin Flame, the God / Goddess within to experience the RAPTURE in the ONEness Union of the Great Cosmic Orgasm of the Ecstasy Blueprint Codes giving birth to the Divine Child – or otherwise known as The Holy Trinity. Notice that the numerology of the day of RAPTURE was also in fact a 3 – Trinity! Once again leaving us to marvel with fascination at the ancient laws of the Hermetic Principle: so above, so below, so within so without.

This form of Sacred Union is still known from the ancient circles of the High Priest / Priestess Orders, in fact anyone honoring the Goddess is fully aware of this phenomena today, as the Arc of Light is ignited, strengthening ones KA body, experiencing radiant health , energy and a luminescence aura with a golden halo. Uncovering why one of the greatest stories ever shrouded in secrety about Jesus and "The Holy Grail ", his marriage and love for Mary Magdalena – who was also a very high initiate known as a Sex Priestess in the High Order of the Isis in Egypt, a very revered position but branded a prostitute by society – was hidden in plain sight.

The comical part being that in some parts of the world, Rapture is also known as Little Death giving us greater awareness to just why fear was so instilled in the collective consciousness – to keep you from the realization of your true Divinity & Power – your Sacred Cosmic Key in communion with the Universe – The Divine Mind. Practicing even for a few minutes a day to quiet, silence the mind and to just BE an inner strength unfolds trusting that all will be revealed at the exact moment.Through the rising of the inner sun, the eternal now is born where the dreamer now longer just dreams, but is fully awakened.

"Those who look outward – DREAM
those who look inward – AWAKEN "

– Carl Jung

From my heart to your heart and to the heart of all creation, wishing you all magical days and nights filled with divine cosmic ecstasy.

Aloha Blessings Charlotte