Branding: An Equal Opportunity

Branding is a hot topic of current professional conversation. It is so popular that it’s become a bona fide trending topic. The keyword is gaining traction among results pages all across the internet. What is branding and how does it work? Promo companies are prepared to answer that question using phone screen cleaners to demonstrate the principle.

Branding: An Object Lesson

According to marketing research, there are two things customers respond to most:

1. A business that solves a problem

2. A business that provides useful information

The best branding strategies are able to incorporate both concepts into the mix. The best way to think of branding is how your company gets introduced to the customer.

On the professional side of this equation, business owners are trying to find new ways to make an appropriate and lasting first impression. Many fledgling companies have decided that a phone screen cleaner is the perfect way to establish their branding presence in a competitive pool. After all, it meets the optimum industry standard for customer retention by hyper branding the backs of people’s phones and tablets, which people look at on average 150 times a day.

Everyone (almost everyone) has gone mobile. Over the last 10 years, the smartphone has changed marketing as we know it. It has also left that marketplace full of fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and grime. In no time at all, this problem is encountered by every cell phone user out there. Many companies have noticed a hole in the market that they have been able to fill. Now, they are extending that solution to businesses as a natural branding opportunity.

Why Simple is Best

Given the information you just read, you can probably infer what hole various screen cleaners have filled, but just in case, let’s get into more detail.

Does it strike anyone else as odd that cell phone providers can come up with touch screens and neglect to find quick, easy and portable ways to clean those screens? Not only would it add to the durability and longevity of the product, it helps stop the spread of germs.

A phone screen cleaner fills this need. Once promo product companies figured out what they had in these little adhesive, reusable microfiber squares, they wanted to offer the product as a branding platform for companies in need.

You can customize the cleaner with your company’s logo or contact information. All you have to do is demonstrate how it works and distribute it to potential customers. The phone screen cleaner is then placed on their devices for your band to be flashed around every time they pull out their phone or tablet. Now that the customer has useful information, they’ll remember your business every time they use the product. That’s useful information employed as a problem solving service; branding 101.

This portable prop:

· Clearly delivers a message

· Establishes your credibility

· Emotionally connects with potential customers

· Generates buyer motivation

· Creates user loyalty