Breast Augmentation – Why Women Do It

Breast augmentation. In a society where men are obsessed with the size of a woman’s breasts it is no wonder that more and more women are having theirs enlarged. But being more attractive to a man is not the only reason women have their breasts enlarged. In this article we are going to discuss some of the psychological and not so psychological reasons that women get their breasts enlarged.

Let’s start with the obvious. A woman with small breasts will typically feel less attractive to a man, especially when she is surrounded by other women who are more endowed than she is. Not so much because of the women themselves, though they can be a bit obvious in their actions, but more because of the actions of the men around them. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see that most men will pay infinitely more attention to a woman with larger breasts than a woman with smaller breasts, or worse, hardly any at all. This woman feels so low about herself because of this, that ultimatel,y in spite of all the dangers, health risks, possible reactions and everything else involved, she will have her breasts enlarged. The ends justifies the means, no matter what the risk.

Then there is the woman who has her breasts enlarged for a completely different reason. This is the woman who feels she will get ahead faster in the business world if she has larger breasts. Take a look at many of your young movie starlets. It’s hard to find a one of them who isn’t well endowed. Certainly not all of them were naturally born like that. The truth is, and nobody tries to hide this fact, most women in Hollywood have some kind of cosmetic surgery, with breast augmentation being right up at the top of the list. In today’s society it is almost expected.

But Hollywood isn’t where it ends. Other women climbing up the corporate ladder also have breast augmentation done. Their thinking is that if they look like more of the stereotypical beautiful woman they will get farther in their professional lives. This stereotype isn’t helped out much by Hollywood who portrays the successful businesswoman in films in this manner. The main point here is that a woman applying for an important executive position feels, especially when being interviewed by a man, that if she is more physically attractive to her interviewer that she will have a better chance of getting the job. The sad thing is, she probably will have a better chance. It may not be fair but it’s the way things are.

And then there is the woman who just wants to feel better about herself. Maybe she’s recently divorced or has had some other kind of setback. Maybe she just wants to do something that will make her feel more like a woman. Breast augmentation is one of the first things she will think of if she’s not naturally endowed, especially if she decides she wants to get back out into society. Why not do it with a new body?

There are other reason women have cosmetic surgery of this kind. In some circumstances, say if you want to work at Hooters, you have no choice but to get your breasts enlarged if you want to get the job. That’s just the way things are.

In the next article we’re going to discuss the various methods of breast augmentation.