Breast Lift For Sagging Breasts And Aesthetic Problems

Some females get upset because of sagging breasts, and they try to find a reliable and effective way to improve the appearance of their breasts and look better. To resolve the problem of sagging or droopy breasts, breast lift surgery was introduced, which is the best way to improve the shape of breasts. Loose skin is the major cause of sagging breasts, so the skin is tightened through a surgical procedure by removing the skin. The skin is removed according to the droop of the breasts, if required, more skin is removed. Some women have very large nipples that can also be resized through surgery. There are different degrees of droopy or sagging breasts, and the treatment is dependent on the level of droop. If a woman has a mild droop, then only skin around the nipple is removed, and the scars disappear after some time. For correction of moderate droop, a surgeon has to remove skin around the nipple as well as below the nipple. For advanced droop, it is preferred to remove the skin from three sites.

There are different aesthetic problems associated with breast lift surgery that might cause dissatisfaction in the patients. A very common problem of the surgery is appearance of scars. The scars are usually at or below the nipple, and they fade out with the passage of time. Although they become barely visible with the passage of time, but some women are very conscious about them. Some women become dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts, after going through the surgical procedures of breast lift and think that their breasts look hollow. These women can combine the surgery with augmentation, because in this way the implants can improve the appearance of the breasts. Those with very large breasts also suffer a lot because in most of cases, the breasts of these women sag after few months. For these women, the best thing is to have breast reduction through which their breasts will be raised, as well as reduced in size.

Some women complain that their nipples become very high after breast lift surgery. With the passage of time their breasts might descend, but the nipples will not. These women can go through another surgery, but it will also leave scars. It is very important for everyone to get complete information about the surgical procedure, its limitations and potential problems in order to get realistic expectations. If an experienced and qualified surgeon is going to perform breast lift surgery, then there are greater chances that the results will be satisfactory. There are so many surgeons available in different areas, so it is better to compare their expertise and find the best one. Previous results of surgeries that have been performed by these surgeons can be helpful for you, to create an impression of a surgeon. Plenty of information is available about the surgical processes for sagging breasts, and the problems that can arise after the surgery.