Breatharianism – A Life Without Food

Vitamins and Nutrients

That’s all good and fine,” you might say, “but what about nutrition, vitamins and minerals?”

More and more people are realizing that perhaps there is more to the expression that “we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.” Personally I believe this expression is too superficial. I prefer to think of Spirit living in chemical and electric vehicles, four-layered body suits, if you will. What if our bodies could not only be sustained in vibrancy and filled with health by Spirit itself working in conjunction with the chemical laws of this world, such as sunlight, breath, sounds and colors and through the absorption of the minerals through our soil and even through the power of our mind? Who or what really sustains our bodies?

What is Breatharianism?

In the strictest term the label Breatharianism is a way to describe those who live without food and water. Perhaps a person who occasionally drinks water or a tea in a social setting may also be considered a breatharian. The moment a person eats fruits or drinks fruit juices s/he would be labeled a fruitarian. A person taking in other liquids such as soups, vegetable juices, fruit juices, etc., would be considered a liquidarian. The English alphabet and the human mind are funny in this way, we must label something in order to understand it.

Well Known Breatharians

Jasmuheen from Australia does not consider herself a Breatharian even though she claims not to have eaten for at least a couple of decades; she says that she drinks water and on occasions coffee. Zinaida Baranova, a woman from Russia who is now in her 70s, stopped eating over a decade ago after having had way too many physical conditions that were considered incurable. Genesis Sunfire, a personal fitness trainer and Breatharian from England, talks about his 17 year long journey to Breatharianism. I find him to be one of the most real individuals, saying it as it is, not holding back, sharing his struggles unselfishly and being transparent about his journey.

Our Fear of Death

Choosing a life with no food remains a non-reality for most humans and it’s supposed to be this way. Let’s face it, at the core level most humans still retain animalistic urges such as the need for a permanent roof over our heads, and even if we become homeless, all is good as long as we have food and clothing to keep warm. The moment we take away food and water our very existence is threatened and death through starvation is imminent.

So how can millions of people die of hunger and thirst while a few prove that living without food is not only possible but actually healthier for those select few individuals?

Benefits of Breatharianism

Everyone embarks on this journey from wherever they are physically, mentally and spiritually. The line between starvation and Breatharianism looks uncanny similar. As stated above, people adopt this lifestyle for their own personal reasons. Anyone’s reasons to walk this often difficult journey must be right or one is simply walking a path of starvation and eventual death. 99.99% of you reading this will maintain your opinion that Breatharianism is a stupid idea. And you’re absolutely right. If it is just an idea then it is a stupid one indeed. Walking this journey because you want to prove a point to your friends or to your ego, because you want to lose weight or because you want to save money is just plain stupid and irresponsible. In my own experience, walking this journey because of anything other than a spiritual calling will result in failure. It is Spirit that longs to sustain you and unless you are guided by Spirit you will fail to walk this journey and won’t be able to command your body with the light, air and minerals and vitamins it does need to continue to function.

Beware of Scams

Humanity is at a crucial point of evolution. We have just moved from the Iron age to the Bronze age and shifted from the Piscean (emotional) era to the Aquarian (mental) era. In other words, humanity is evolving and with this evolution comes the internal calling to express more of the true spiritual essence that we are. With this calling comes a host of so-called spiritual teachers and gurus who are grossly misguided, making a buck at the expense of longing souls who are thirsting to expand. There’s nothing wrong with getting paid for time and one’s expertise. But let’s be realistic. Governments want control over your life (and your money). Religion wants control over your soul (and your money). Businesses don’t give a shit about you or your life, they just want your money. And then there are spiritual predators, the most dangerous and most predatory kind, who want the control of who gets to ascend and who doesn’t. And of course they claim to have all the tools you need to make your ascension into the next dimension…

Trust in this: you have been given everything you need to create your own ascension. There is no short cut to spiritual growth, you must put in the work.

Spiritual Predators vs. Spiritual Leaders

Unfortunately so-called Breatharians are popping up all over the place trying to convince you that one way to become a Breatharian is by going through their program or their process. They claim that within a certain number of days you’re not only a fully developed Breatharian but you’re also ascending to another dimension. Don’t fall for it. Your salvation lies with you and only you. Don’t ever give the power of your salvation over to anyone else. I know many who have gone through such processes, me included, and none of them have gone for more than two weeks before they ravishingly devour food again (including the teachers). If it was this easy, don’t you think everyone would do it?

Here is an easy way to spot a spiritual predator from a true spiritual leader. A spiritual predator will tell you what to do and how to do it but fails to help you fix the mind that prevents you from your true spiritual growth. A spiritual leader on the other hand will bring you closer to yourself by simply helping you utilize your faculty called thinking and letting you figure things out for yourself while accompanying you along the journey. A spiritual leader acts as a coach, a friend, a confidant who will exercise more patience than you may have ever experienced in your life. He or she will never tell you what to do because this journey is indeed one of the most challenging journeys you will ever undertake. And no process or class or workshop can or will prepare you for this path… Dismantling the “I” (ego) that you think you are is only one aspect of this path. Making room for and allowing the true “I” to shine from within is only the tip of the iceberg.

Breatharianism can be the ultimate journey towards health, peace, freedom and happiness – a journey worth the struggles, a path filled with aha moments and spiritual diamonds in the rough along the way.