Brick And Mortar

We must all build our lives from the ground up, brick and mortar style. In that sense, we are all masons of our lives or spiritual builders. With that thought, I begin this article. Lately, I have personally studying for myself very deeply into the phenomena of the mind, both physical and metaphysical, and I realize one thing: Building a program within the mind takes twenty-one days or a little more, but it is possible to program the mind like a computer or a missile. What I mean to say is, like writing a somewhat complex program for an app or application, that is what it takes really about three weeks (for a good computer coder or programmer) to program the machine to do exactly what is wanted. Same with a human being in a sense. The only thing that may take longer in a human being though, is dealing with emotions and reasoning, but other than that, the same principle works in the same way.

So, line one in a program is like days one through seven in programming a mind in those senses. Week twenty-one is like writing line twenty-one hundred in a program. Beginning of program, middle of program, end of program, it is all the same. In a sense, we are programming a human application, but it is strikingly the same.

When I think of Uell Stanley “U.S.” Andersen’s work or read any of it, I genuinely and deeply think of these facts, also, if you want to change anything in your life, I suggest you give what I am mentioning in a brick and mortar way some thought too. Change is more basic and genuinely easy to do than you think. What is three concentrated weeks (or a little more) in one life with hundreds, even thousands of weeks anyhow? Not much.

Indeed, we are our own steersmen. If we were not, then, we would not even have individual thoughts or any programming power over our lives. In fact, we really would be blank slates that can “go where the wind blows”. Here, in this article, I am getting a basic reality about life across: We become what we think about if we think about it enough. Sure, I lifted/quoted part of that one from Earl Nightingale, but that is a reality that cannot be denied anyhow. What do you think those “nuts” Emile Coue and William Walker Atkinson/Theron Quincy DuMont meant by “Mind Building” anyhow? Some will get it, some will be irritated by the repetition of realities, but I end with the saying of a Bob Dylan song: You have got to serve somebody.

You either make direction or it is given to you. That is what I mean by that one about “you have got to serve somebody”. I am not saying “good or bad” or anything, but I am saying direction comes from you or it is given to you for good or bad, that is all.