Brick Fireplace Designs – Perfect For Both Inside and Outside of the Home

Though so many materials like rock, slate, cement block, wrought iron and stainless steel, to name a few, have been used in fireplace design and construction, the traditional and tried and true brick is still a favorite choice. Plus, there is no limit to the variety of brick fireplace designs that complement both a traditional and a modern setting. The venue restrictions are almost non existent as well – fabulous brick fireplace designs can be adapted for inside or outside of the home.

You might simply want to spruce up your existing fireplace by adding a little brick design element. Think about a brick surround as a way to give a nondescript fireplace a classic look and feel. A basic brick facade could be all you need to do the trick. If your fireplace looks and feels a little outdated, you might consider a coat of paint to change the appearance altogether.

But if you are considering starting from scratch, then you can consider from among the spectrum of brick fireplace designs to bring your vision to life. If your fireplace of choice if for a more rustic setting, your designs might very well include a combination of brick and knotty pine or cedar, for example. Toss in some farm implement accessories and your rustic picture is complete.

You may, however, be considering something more expansive – complete with an integrated sitting area, wall width surround and accompanying brick mantel. There is no limit to the wonderful brick designs for your fireplace and room that contains it. Make the entire living room wall a part of the fireplace experience.

By taking the possibilities for brick fireplace designs to the exterior, you open up the possibilities even more. By heading outdoors, you have virtually eliminated any of the space restrictions that you face with the typical home interior. Now your design ideas can range from a cozy intimate fire pit all the way to the construction of a brick dominated outdoor kitchen and living space.

Create a stand alone Chimenea style fireplace with openings on all four sides. Build a circular brick patio around it to give ample and inviting sitting space to family and guests alike. Or weave in a multi-screened wrought iron look to your fireplace to incorporate other design elements that can coordinate with existing architectural or decorative features.

Consult various brick fireplace designs so that you can effectively combine your fireplace and adjacent Santa Maria style brick BBQ, for example. Make the design extend throughout the entire patio area to create a brick centered theme. Bring all the exciting design elements you can think of to your backyard and extend your living space in the process.

So whether you take your decorative tastes indoor or outdoors, there is plenty of room for your creative expression. Take the traditional look and texture of brick and weave it into an unlimited palette of fireplace designs, traditional or modern.