Brick Fundraisers With Engravings and Carvings

Importance of Brick Fundraisers

Fundraising is a noble activity and is inspirational to watch people finding time out of their busy schedules to help collect money to support charity organizations. Raising funds for a cause whether it is to repair the neighborhood road or to support the old age home, to help improve medical facilities or to support education of children is great indeed and needs all the help to gather momentum. Brick fundraisers are an innovative idea to encourage and motivate people to donate money for charity. Donating your hard earned money might not be something that comes spontaneously to some people. However, finding their name etched on a cause through brick fundraisers is definitely an incentive that can invite more people to donate for various causes. It is also a noble idea to acknowledge those who wished to join a cause by contributing to the funds.


Engraving of the bricks by the use of laser technology is called vitrification and is quite commonly used to etch the names of people on mortar bricks. Brick fundraisers use this idea to engrave names of those who contribute heavily to a cause. This is a great way of permanently marking one’s contribution and support to a cause and it would be there for everyone to see for a large time. The laser engraving is of high quality and is also used to carve out the bricks to include letters and words depicting names, motto, dates and other such information.

How are Brick Fundraisers used

Bricks are used as a standard way to acknowledge contributions especially to buildings like libraries, monuments, houses or even pavements. The size of the brick in a way is used to show the size of the contribution too. One can find a variety of brick fundraisers. The common sizes standard full paver which is 4 X 8 X 2 inches in dimensions. Generally donations of around 125 dollars are depicted through this brick. Engraves bricks also come in sizes such as standard half paver and double paver, which are half and twice the standard size respectively.

Construction and texture

Brick fundraisers can be made of any finish like black, glossy or aesthetic depending upon where they can be used. The laser engraving is done by melting the brick ingredients to produce the marking of the letters. There are various shades of these brick colors too that can be achieved through vitrification. These include cinnamon, mahogany, Caribbean, Cimmerian, Ivory and Imperial shades. Different colors such as cobalt blue, black and green are also achieved through the laser engraving on the bricks.

Apart from engraved bricks, ceramic tiles, granite and marble are also used for places such as memorials, school and sport facilities etc. The donor names are displayed through engraved names and photo images along with the logos of the social cause. Various exotic colors like blueberry, mocha and strawberry can also be produced on ceramic tiles and the detail stays on for a long time carrying the engraved names.